September 25th, 2008

What a Boring Afternoon :s

I was given the task of going through all of the route spreadsheets (routes for their P2P thing in February), and making sure everything in the "main" spreadsheet (the specific name escapes me at the moment) matched up. Got about 300 rows done though, so it's a decent enough start. And also, I wore a tail in there as planned, but never removed it, and nobody complained, so hopefully things stay that way. The other volunteer there at the front desk said something about it, and just as I was about to say "Yeah, it's just something I'm into", Michele started to say the exact same thing. Well, with "he's" instead of "I'm". And then on the way home I got told it was both nice and cool, but that's more or less normal for walking anywhere.

So... I also sent that tail out today, and am now waiting to hear back from SPark about how things are going on her end. By the sounds of the last email she sent me, my paws are done, leaving only the arm warmers and spine for the other tail. Then there are my ears from Chesh and that book, but there's still another month to go before I'll really be pissed if I haven't seen the latter.

As for tonight, I'm pretty sure I work 8 - close, although I don't know with who, but I'll find out when I get there. Then assuming it's not too late when I get home again, I'll be writing that long detailed entry before I start forgetting things :p

And actually, I'm just going to make a little list right now so I have something to go on later. It should help~

Figures. I just post this and I see a new link at the top for a new version of profile pages. It looks quite nice too :3 Click and see ^^; It should work even if you're not logged in / don't see the link up at the top of the page, but one way or another, *now* it's time to find something to eat and write that list...