October 24th, 2008

This Probably Isn't Going to Help Me Much

Latest question.

I probably wouldn't notice nor care. I have watched the shows, and at least one of the movies back when I stayed nights at Josh's house on a regular basis, but I wouldn't even know that they were gone unless somebody told me or I read it online somewhere :s I mean, the shows are quite engrossing while watching them, but nothing beyond that. Unfortunately, thinking of an answer to that question didn't really help me think of anything else to write aside from one somewhat-related question. What is one thing you could not live your day-to-day life without? Just so I don't look completely lazy, my somewhat-original answer would be music. Whether as entertainment on the way to or home from wherever, something to listen to at work, or just playing some at home so I'm not stuck in complete silence. I would quickly become very irritable if I heard no music whatsoever for more than, say, two days.

Speaking of music though, for the past couple days I've wanted to play Guitar Hero III again because I haven't touched it in ages, but my main problem right now is spending most of my time outside of work in my room. Maybe when I get home tonight or something~ Also, one other thing next month. Christmas music should start to be played on the radio <3 Truth be told, I've already put some on my PSP and have been listening to it, but I can't do that while I'm at work :x As I recall though, everybody else got tired of it extremely quickly last year, but we'll just have to see what happens whenever CKSY or whoever else starts playing it. Oh, and Christmas lights too, although I don't expect those to start going up 'till the beginning of December at earliest but I'm looking forward to seeing them too anyways ^^;

Anyways, we're celebrating Mom's birthday this coming Sunday, meaning that I need to get out to Sobeys and buy her a card sometime soon (probably Saturday night, once I've had a chance to sit down at home and rest), then also while I'm there, check if they still have those containers of candy, because I told Dan Skunk I'd pick some up for the Toronto furmeet, and it's either going to be that or going to Bulk Barn or something. Mind you, I don't exactly have the fondest memories of that place, but the reason for it has no place in here. The other thing I forgot that's taking place next month is Adam's birthday. His present this year? Twelve episodes of The Red Green Show I found torrents for.

Otherwise, I have two hours to pass before I leave for work, so in the meantime, I'm going to find a Joshua ROM that works on my PSP, then find some other game to play through. I can think of a couple right now, but they're Gameboy games, and at the moment I'd prefer Nintendo~