October 30th, 2008

Well Isn't That Something...

I received a letter in the mail today stating that I still owe $58 for Dad's Christmas present. I'm not entirely pleased about that, because I figure they've already sent me the main item, thus I must have paid enough, but whatever. I can always put a note in the envelope with the money order that says "Here's what I figured for prices, so I'm not sure where you get that you're still missing $60, but there is a money order enclosed for it anyways. And besides, I don't plan on going to the bank until next Thursday or Friday, so they're just going to have to be patient.

Other than that, my tail should be showing up some time next week (just in time for the Toronto meet, if I wanted to bring that one along...), and I've already gone over the other things I'm waiting on.

I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrow though, for going grocery shopping and wearing my tail, ears, and either paws or arm warmers (depending on what the weather's like) when we go grocery shopping, because it's one day Mom won't be able to fuss about it. The timing is rather unfortunate when you think about it though. My ears showed up just in time for Halloween, and I've been wearing them out since I got them, but I fear everybody just sees them and my other items as a Halloween costume. Yes, it sort of is, but that's not what I have them for :s What's eventually going to happen is that I'll wear them out *after* the 31st, and have comments made that Halloween is over and the like. Nothing that I haven't gotten before, but that's why I'd have preferred to have them earlier. Feh.

Otherwise, I just finished watching Wall-E, and it was actually a decent movie. Sort of disturbing seeing how, well, fat everyone got from not moving around / exercising, but I quite liked the rest ^^ The next movie I want to watch is Eagle Eye, because I found a torrent for it the other day that turned out to be for a password-protected zip file, and their directions for how to obtain the password were utterly useless. I'm sure there are other torrents out there though, but for now, I'm going to wait 'till November to look for one, just so I don't end up downloading *too* much this month.

Oh, and of course, pictures of part two can be seen here (note that there are only four). Is it something you'd expect a big deal to be made about? Probably, but that the moment, I'm rather irritated because I'm tired, and I can still feel the buzzing of the tattoo gun on my back ;_; I do realize it looks a bit... sparse, but I was specifically told that if I felt there should be any more spots added in, she'd take care of that, but for now the closest opportunity I'll have for another appointment is sometime in December.

Anyways, that'll about do it for now. I've still got another hour and a bit in me, but there are some other things I want to do before I go to bed~
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