October 31st, 2008

I Shouldn't Even Be Writing This :s

Simply because I have spent the last, oh, five hours renaming music and creating playlists for each CD. Approximately 1,040 files in 113 folders, totaling almost 6GB. The repetition was getting to the point where I felt like I was going to be sick as well, which was really fun. For what it's worth though, said music was the (incomplete) discographies of Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, and Kitaro. And yes, I am going to go out of my mind if I have to rename another file before I go to bed, so I plan on writing this, then calling it a night. Mind you, on the good side of things, my torrents partition is starting to look alot tidier (and I eventually want to empty it completely to try this beta of Windows 7 that's floating around on various torrent sites), but that statement alone doesn't say very much.

Anyways, of the things I can think of to write about right now, something interesting was said yesterday night as I was getting ready to walk home. Well, first of all note that the little girl there (I'd guess she's Mel's daughter, but that's probably wrong) asked me where I got my tail from, then if the ears came with it, and also if I was going to go as a cheetah for Halloween or something. Then Mel just up and says something about how they could do piercings for whiskers, and I should think about that, but really, no.

Before anything, I do like that idea, but the problems I've thought of so far are too... shall I say, "convincing". For one, Mom and Dad. As far as I can tell, they're more or less alright with the tattoo thing (I'm sure they still have their reservations, but they realize I've made up my mind about it as well), but to have holes pierced in my cheeks and implants put in for whiskers is not something they'd go for. Now, if they were removable, possibly, but they still wouldn't like the whole idea of it. Secondly, work / going to Heart and Stroke (and the being removable thing applies here as well). While I'm sure there's certain leeway to be able to say "This is how I am and you're not going to keep me from working here based on that", being furry and wanting to show it doesn't seem like it'd be included with that statement.

However, what about, say, simply getting the dots tattooed on my cheeks, and possibly having something done with my nose? I like that idea, and it would be doable (money / price excluded) if I hadn't already told Mom and Dad I'd be done with tattoos once I had the brown shading added to my back. Perhaps that can be something to wait for a bit and ask about at an appropriate time though *shrug*

As for what I got done yesterday, it's being slightly worrisome in that the bits on my shoulders are all dry and scaly despite rubbing Curel on them every couple hours, but I've resorted to using the other stuff I was given, and that seems to be doing the job for now. Tomorrow night at work is going to be interesting for that reason, but there are four of us until 1, so that should work out one way or the other.

I'm really getting tired now though, so last quick thing for now: as planned, I wore my arm warmers, ears, and one of my tails out to Real Canadian Superstore earlier today, and got an interesting reaction from one lady. She said something about how I was getting started early, and that if she'd paid for the candy she was carrying, she'd give me one, but she tore the flap of the box and did anyways ^^; Then another older lady down one of the other aisles asked me if we had plenty of large cat food, and I motioned towards the several containers we grabbed from the pet food aisle. And yes, those were actually for our cats. I'm quite content with the food I eat right now <3

Anyways, that's it, and now I'm going to bed. Finally~
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Maybe I Will After All...

It's Halloween today, yes? I have to work at 8, and normally I'd leave the house at 7 for that, but tonight I'm thinking of heading out somewhat earlier and going trick-or-treating along the way. Originally I wasn't going to, because I might be a bit old for that, and 6 at night might be too early to be starting anyways, but screw that. I have one day in which to do this, and I'm going to take advantage of it >:3

Unfortunately, the one remaining problem with that is figuring out what route I'm going to take, but for now I'm thinking of walking up Wellington, then to Grand Ave, and depending on how I'm doing for time from there, possibly walking over to Sandys and taking one of the usual routes I walk along that street stopping at various houses along the way, of course. Or I could try my other idea and go along one entire size of Elizabeth, but that route takes me 40 minutes to walk in and of itself, so I'd hate to think how long it would take me to get to Taco Bell if I was stopping at each and every house along the street.

Other than that, my back is being rather worrisome at the moment. I had one tiny flake of skin come off of it earlier this afternoon, and it didn't look like there was a whole lot of ink in it, but when I got the first part done, there was a three-day stretch in between getting the tattoo and having it start to flake. No matter what's going on right now though, I'm still rubbing Curel on it somewhat regularly, so hopefully things eventually end up as they did before. Oh, but that also means I have to start wearing a garbage bag underneath my shirt at work again, but I can deal with that, just so long as there's somebody available to take over whatever I'm doing for a couple minutes.

Anyways, yesh. I went to all the trouble of renaming those songs earlier this morning, but I didn't back them up yet, so I'm going to do that right now. Well, that and backing up some other files that are on my desktop, but that's normal stuff. Meh~