November 10th, 2008

Perfect End to an Awesome Weekend ^^

I said it way earlier this morning at the zoo (after taking lots of pictures of the snow leopards), but my life is now (temporarily) complete ^^; I know it sounds cheesy and clichéd, but it's the best way I can think of to describe how I feel. As for the thing right now, I just went downstairs to get a drink of water, and noticed snow on the roof of the van and car on the way down. It doesn't seem to be snowing at all anymore right now (if it was I'd be out on the porch recording a video or something), but it'll be the first time I've seen snow this fall / winter, and the timing couldn't be better.

Actually though, the timing is also bad for one other thing. See, when I got home this afternoon, my throat felt a bit sore, but that's more than likely because of all the talking and yelling I've done over the past 48 hours, so I just shrugged it off and went about my business switching around the galleries in my scrapbook here. Later on in the night around 10, I started getting more and more tired to the point where I fell asleep in bed, with the lights on, and my laptop still on my stomach with an episode of Home Improvement playing. Thankfully, I woke up around quarter after, just in time to get a message from Deoge about how he had arrived back in Windsor safely, then to say goodnight because he was going to bed. Then he just up and went completely offline which didn't help because there was something else I wanted to tell him, but meh. I have a couple pounces ready to go for whenever he comes back on, so maybe he'll have responded by whenever I wake up later this afternoon. The other thing I noticed after waking up again is that the right (or left, depending on where you're viewing it from) side of my head feels annoyingly warm. If I actually am sick now it's going to suck terribly, but hopefully a good night's sleep will help for that.

That's another thing. Sleeping. I woke up at 7 in the morning on Saturday, and was more or less fine up until 11~12pm. By the time I got to bed that morning it was slightly after 4am and we woke up and were out of the hotel by 8:30. Thus I've now been awake for nineteen hours (ignoring the small nap I took involuntarily earlier). I would like to stay up 'till at least 5 then lay down to go to sleep, but the problem right now is lasting for another hour and a half. I have this far though, so a little bit longer shouldn't be a problem.

Anyways, since I've uploaded most of them now (aside from the other pictures Sparrow (or m_so on here) is going to send me), some links:

The Drive, The Meet, The Zoo, and Other Miscellany (mostly taken by me)
Deoge's Pictures from the Zoo
Sparrow's Pictures from the Meet
Movies Recorded by all Three of Us

And now since I still have a bit of time left, I'm going to look through the pictures I took, because I know I had titles and descriptions in mind for a couple of them. I will be writing one of those "Here's *everything*" entries eventually, but just not right now because I'd probably fall asleep well before finishing it :s

Oh, and somewhat new userpic too. I'm not entirely fond of that color, given that there's already pink elsewhere on the page, but I may try green, or half blue half pink or something. At least it's a different one~

Edit: Forgot one thing. It's sort of weird too. I close my eyes and I can literally see the highway and feel like we're still driving on it. I know we did alot of driving in the past day and a half or so, but I didn't think it was that much :s
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