November 16th, 2008

This Has Been One Week in the Making

I started writing an entry earlier this week (on Monday) where I was going to go over everything we did last weekend, but I got up to about halfway through the meet and started rushing things, which in turn caused me to leave out some details I thought were rather interesting. Also, I need a speech-to-text program for these sorts of things, but for the time being, without further ado...

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Now *that* took far too long to write.

All told though, it was an extremely fun weekend, and I greatly enjoyed every part of it (aside from the couple annoying things mentioned up there), but if I had to choose between the meet and the trip to the zoo, I'd say the latter. Pretty much everything worked out perfectly on Sunday, and as I think was already mentioned, I had never been to the Toronto Zoo up to that point, and first times for those sorts of things are always better, no matter what evidence you pile up against that.

As for other things, both Dad and Adam need to think a bit harder. On the way out to Little Caesars earlier I was asked if there was anything in particular I wanted for a birthday present. It's still just under a month away, but Adam's is tomorrow, and mine will be the next after that, so I guess it makes sense for them to start thinking about it now. Anyways I told him there were a couple CDs online that I wanted, and if they showed up on the site again in time for my birthday, they could consider getting those. Problem with that is I've been checking Vulpvibe every other day or so since the site layout changed, and they still only have two CDs listed for which you can buy the actual disc. I know there were several other things I posted all at once in an entry a while ago too, but it's pretty much safe to say that if I can't be bothered to look them up again now, chances are I didn't really want them after all.

The thing I'm getting at with the title of this entry is that he went on to tell me I should think about it, and let them know whenever I've made up my mind. Fine. I will agree that yes, it is ultimately easier to have somebody tell you what they want so you can find and buy it, but it also shows a complete lack of thought on your part. Did I have to ask any of you last year what you wanted for Christmas? No. Have I asked you yet this year? Once again, no, but I'm less certain that you'll truly appreciate what I got for you, whereas last year I knew you would, because it was my first year doing anything of that sort, thus I had more options. Getting back to my birthday present though, there is one thing about me that you didn't know at this time in 2007. It is up to both you and Mom to think about what it is, although given it's something you see on a daily basis, it shouldn't be that difficult.

At least that's what I'd like to say. And yes, the thing I'm referring to is quite obviously being furry. I would be happy with anything snow leopard (or even normal leopard) related that they get me (as long as it's not something I already have), but I don't want to come right out and say that. They've told me several times in the past that I'm always quiet and never seem to be in the mood to talk, and even though that's not a good thing from a regular point of view, it works in this situation. Now is their chance to think over the few things I have told them, and figure out what I'd like from there.

But for now I plan on asking two times if they've thought of anything. Once before I leave for MFF, and the other when I come home. Perhaps a light will flicker on in one of their heads between then and, well, then.

Although that's another amusing thing. As planned I went to Money Mart after Little Caesars tonight, and after getting back into the car and buckling up, was asked if I was in some sort of debt. No, Dad, and if I ever was, to the point where I had to enlist whatever services they offer there, I would be a complete wreck, and you would notice. I cannot stand the feeling of owing money to somebody, unless it's some insignificant amount such as somebody at work buying drinks from Tim Hortons for everybody. Any large amount and it's one of those things that you worry about constantly until it's resolved.

I explained what I had gone in there for though, and learned that even though I printed the list and stuck it to the board in the kitchen a while ago, he still doesn't know I'll be going to the States next week. So of course he asked "I assume you have a passport then...?", followed by some comment about how I'm "really adventuresome now" (yes, -some as opposed to -ous), and that when he was a kid going to London was quite far. My view of distance is based more on the time it takes to get there than the distance though. For example, it takes the train about an hour to get to London from Chatham, and I've walked home from work along routes that took me as long or longer than that. If I had a vehicle it may be different, but I don't so that's how I see things right now.

As for Adam, I also went out to Tim Hortons around midnight, and when walked in the door again, he asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told him pretty much the same thing I told Dad, but at least he's put a little bit of thought into it. Either that, or still having my arm warmers on gave it away, because he jokingly asked if I wanted another tail or a second set of ears or more tattoos or something, and I more or less said I had those things already, but he was on the right track. Put some thought into it, and for both our sakes, don't say you're getting something for me. Another part of giving a gift is for it to be a surprise, and that's exactly why I haven't told them anything yet, although that could be considered not talking to them, which is, once again, not really a good thing.

Other than that, I've been thinking a bit about the hole I started digging myself into a couple entries back. First of all, if you're reading this, Deoge, your comment is pretty much in the same place as the ones Noir posted back in August. They are and will remain there for anybody else who wishes to read them, but I have no plans to right now, and cannot foresee doing so at any point in the close future (and also, you see, this is why I wanted to make the "How we knew each other when we were kids has no relevance now" thing quite clear when we first started talking in MSN).

Anyways, I created yet another alternate account early yesterday morning, and posted the current state of how I see things to a certain community dealing with depression and all that wonderful stuff. If I get any helpful replies from that, great, but it got me to thinking. Perhaps I should join the same community with this account here, just so every time I look at my friends page I'm reminded that, despite things somebody else may be looking forward to, there are always others out there who are on the completely opposite end of the spectrum / what have you. Sure, you could say "Well, by watching that community you'll be more susceptible to that sort of stuff yourself", but unless somebody else posts something I'm really able to identify with, it seems like a win / win type thing. I'm still going to wait for a bit to see how things go though, because I don't want to up and do anything before I'm sure about it.

And with that, I need to run down to the computer downstairs to unzip those episodes of The Red Green Show for Adam. I was going to do that from up in my room here, but the time remaining was about 7 hours, and I don't want to run the risk of them still extracting when he wakes up in the morning~
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Way to Defend Yourself, Naomi

Was just downstairs eating supper, and one of the things Adam mentioned was that she had a friend over last night, and they were playing games on the / my Wii. He went on to tell her that most of the games were upstairs in my room, then a couple minutes after that, Dad randomly asked if everything was secure in there now that I have a lock on my door. I told him sort of, and that I had noticed some money had gone missing, followed by Naomi blurting out "Yeah right!" I explained that I wasn't accusing her, but rather just saying that money had disappeared, which she responded to with "You might as well be", followed by some shifting around uncomfortably, then stomping up to her room and slamming her door.

To tell the truth, the only thing remember now is that there were a couple instances in the past where I noticed some money and other items had gone missing, but I can't remember how much, nor what they were specifically (well, I can for one set of things), so it's obviously not terribly important to me, but I have to wonder what she's thinking now. Probably that she shouldn't have been so quick in opening her mouth, but we shall never know :s

Anyways, it's also snowing outside which is awesome, and as such I'm looking forward to walking to work later tonight <3 Sheila actually called earlier wanting to know if I could come in right away, seeing as Eryn was stranded because of the snow, but I simply told her it's Adam's birthday today, and she said "Okay. Thanks anyways". I probably would've said yes if it was 7 or 8 when she called, but it was only 4, and I didn't feel like starting almost five hours early.

Also, I got off my tail and went out to Staples earlier (or rather, got a ride out there), and just as I had almost given up hope of finding the sketchbooks there, somebody else walking through the aisle I was in (who I thought was another customer) asked if there was anything I was looking for, and brought me over to where they were. So now I'm just left waiting on my badge from Cooper, but she hasn't been online for 48 hours now, and if I can't get ahold of her in MSN, the chances of her reading and responding to an email I send her before leaving for work would be even more slim. As long as I get it by ~5 tomorrow I shouldn't have any problems taking it in to be printed, aside from finding some sort of cord to hang it around my neck on. This really is all last-minute, but there's still another full day to go, so meh.

Before I go back downstairs to see about getting cake though, one last thing. I went to Tim Hortons yesterday night, and bought a pack of twenty Timbits and two donuts. When I got around to eating the Timbits, it seemed like the box was packed rather full, so I started counting each one as I ate it. In the end, there were 32. Yay ^^

But yesh. Now it's time for cake~

Edit: So there was money in the cake. Wrapped in tinfoil, of course. I had two pieces (which were more than enough for me), and made off with $4. Awesome ^^;