December 2nd, 2008

I Grow Tired of Being Subtle

While I was downstairs making some oatmeal yesterday afternoon, Dad came down as well and said "So I guess you need to tell us what you want for your birthday." I responded by saying it was something he should think of on his own (or even him, Mom, Adam, and Naomi as one group) instead of directly asking me, and he said "Something about CDs?" Yeah, sure, if they were on Vulpvibe's site, but they aren't, and even in that case, it would be you giving me the money to take to Money Mart and put on my card, then transferring it to my Paypal account and buying them myself. Before I went upstairs I asked him "What's one thing you didn't know about me at this time last year?" in a sort of "Stop playing dumb" tone, then went upstairs again, where I told Naomi what had just happened, and asked her the same question because she was acting clueless as well. Of course, she thought she was being smart and said "That you like oatmeal and Oreos?" Yeah, sure. In the end, I said "Furry stuff...?", followed by an "Ohhh" from her, then I went back into my room. So we'll see, I guess. At this point I'd take money or other such sundries (a new remote for my PSP headphones, for example), but in the end, as I've said before, I want them to get me something they think I'll like without having to ask me.

Anyways, enough with the irritated-ness. I should be in a better mood than usual given the entry I posted yesterday (although I'm really not pleased with the complete lack of any reaction to it), and I was, for about fifteen minutes right after midnight. Since 11 or so I kept feeling snow blow in my window and land on my back, which was cool in and of itself, then I figured "Well, I'd prefer to go with somebody else as well, but nobody would be available this time of the night, so I'm going to go to Tim Hortons alone. The weather outside was absolutely beautiful <3 Pleasantly warm, despite snow falling at quite a steady pace, and it was almost deathly quiet, aside from the wind chimes outside of one house, and the couple cars that were driving around up by Tim Hortons. It was also quite eerie too, because to the best of my recollection, I have never been able to walk the better part of Wellington St. West without having any cars drive by. Had I other things to do (or should somebody have been around to go out with), I would've preferred to stay out there longer, but meh. I'm quite happy and pleased with how things turned out anyways ^^ Oh, and Tim Hortons now has their candy cane hot chocolates again :3 The donuts too, but they're... not as good as the drink. Unless you enjoy having an innumerable number of candy cane pieces everywhere in your mouth :x

The lack of vehicles got me to wondering how busy they were at work though. Probably not very, and if it hadn't already been midnight I would've considered walking up there to find out, but I'll ask tonight. This'll be our last close for a little while where we're open 'till 2 as well (at least where Sunday through Wednesday are concerned), but chances are if Steve's the closing manager, we'll only be open 'till 1 because technically we would be closing at 1 on Wednesday, which is when the opening later / closing earlier thing is supposed to start. We also get our pay stubs today, but I'm not looking forward to mine, for just having had a week off for MFF. As long as I have enough to cover Mom and Dad's first-pay-of-the-month stuff, I guess.

But with that, I still have laundry to put into the dryer, and dishes to wash, but I'm not going to start those 'till 5:30 or 6, because I'm lazy and quite comfortable and warm sprawled out in bed as I am~