January 1st, 2009

Just So I'm Not Terribly Late

To whoever sees this, Happy New Year ^^

I've been trying to write an entry centered around that topic for several hours now, during which I've started over three times, and am debating increasing that to 4. However, I believe the problem right now is that I'm tired, and as such need to think more about what I want to say before I say it. Amusingly enough, I downloaded a program last night with a speech-to-text thing that I was going to try "writing" at least one entry in here with that would've eliminated that problem, but half the time it doesn't work, and the other half I'm not speaking clearly enough or something. Also, I can type faster and with more accuracy than talking at the moment, which I realize makes it three halves, but you get the point.

Since I want to go to sleep though (it's after 5 in the morning now), here is a list I've been compiling since the beginning of December of things I would not have expected to happen last year on this date:

[a] Get a tattoo
[b] Contact Deoge
[c] Be contacted by Hawk / Cola
[d] Organize furmeets here
[e] Go to MFF
[f] Come out about being furry to Mom and Dad
[g] Commission two pictures from Cooper
[h] Get a passport
[i] Have somebody friend or contact me on LiveJournal without knowing who they were (Da-Fox, Keilian, Noir, Tanjana)
[j] Go outside wearing fursuiting stuff
[k] Go to the Toronto Zoo
[l] Go to more furmeets in London
[m] Attend the second Islington meet

Sure, some of them aren't really necessary (item L when item C would imply that), but if I were to trim the list down by that rule, it would be too short, and it's sort of difficult trying to decide if one I want to remove is dependent *only* on one other thing on the list, or if there's a second item on there that could account for it as well :s

Anyways, that's enough. Is time for bed now~

More New-Year Related Stuff

New resolutions to begin with. That I can think of right now, they are to get my drivers' license (whatever the basic version is, if nothing else), have a full fursuit, get one more thing done to make me look more like I do in the pictures I've gotten from Cooper, and get everybody I see regularly (at home, work, etc.) to at least call me "Kar" instead of my real name, all by the end of the year. There are a couple other things I'd like to say as well, but they're of the sort that I can't see any clear path to accomplishing, and I'd rather resolve to do stuff I know I can "make". Not to say that those other things won't be taken care of at all, but the only way I could ascertain that is if it were possible to travel through time ^^;

As for what I said last year though, looking back, I've successfully told everybody that sees me on a regular basis that I'm furry, and also managed to lose weight. For the first thing, I'd still like it to be something they show even the tiniest bit more interest in, but to ask that would be twisting things around so they're just what I want, and for the second, I'm still not completely satisfied with where I am now, but at least I look more like an "X" instead of an "O" :B Oh, and I was well on the way to having the amount I wanted to in my bank account, but then things like MFF and putting some into savings came up, so if anything, it's... passable.

Moving on, a random thing for Cola. StumbleUpon just showed me these, and I thought of Raja (link provided for anyone else) :3 The eye color is slightly off, but otherwise, I think they resemble each other quite closely~ None have shown up that look like Blue yet, sadly, but two or three clicks after that other page, I was shown a picture of a snow leopard, which was rather awesome <3

Also, on an unrelated note, while walking to work on Tuesday night, I couldn't help but really wish I had my camera while walking past the gas stations at the Grand Ave & St. Clair intersection. The price of gas at both was 66.6 :x Mind you, I haven't really cared about that number and the significance it may have since I was into Pokemon and noticed that when spelling it out on a phone touchpad, the last three digits were all sixes as well. Of course, the same can be said of anything ending in "mon", but at the time, I was afraid to say anything because I feared Mom and Dad would say we weren't allowed to do anything remotely related to it anymore :s Of course, by that logic, you could also say they would disallow us to make anything with cinnamon, but yesh. It was amusing, at any rate~

For now though, there was an envelope on the kitchen counter addressed to me yesterday (as in "Karadur" instead of my real name), which I'm guessing is from Kumakehu based purely on the envelope, but I might as well go find the letter opener to remove any doubt. I could just rip it open, but, well, I don't want to do that~