January 4th, 2009

Just an Interesting Thought

First of all though, complaining lady from the previous entry apparently did not call back yesterday, but Sheila did call that guy and his wife to hear what happened from them, so I can only presume the problem has been resolved, unless she somehow got ahold of the head office number and called them, in which case it's far from over. One way or the other though, I was at the back when it happened, so the most they can get out of me was that I heard shouting, Manoah telling her to have a nice night, and that was it. Meh.

Anyways, the interesting thought it as follows. I just spent a good half hour (at least) writing a comment to an entry on my friends page, and was going to include something right at the end saying "This might sound a bit weird too, but next time you find yourself caught up in the middle of all those thoughts, just say 'No, stop!'" You see, I was talking to DJ several days ago, and ended up mentioning in general the stuff that I end up writing friends-only entries about. Certain things from there led me to being beside myself with worry about it on Tuesday night. More or less "Now that I've told him that things will never be the same". In a nutshell, it's nice to be cared about, but I don't want to negatively affect anybody with that stuff. Anyways, upon getting home I talked to Dyno for a bit because he was still online, during which he mentioned that DJ was asleep and had been all day, but I told him to let him rest then, because the only pressing thing I had was a question which could be asked any time within the next two days. That question never got asked, mostly because I decided it didn't need to be, and also because I haven't actually seen him online for several days, but later on that same night, before going to bed, my mind wandered off to the same topics as again. "Why say anything when it's been proven in the past that if I do I'll pretty much stop talking to whoever I talked to then" and so on.

*However* that time, there was also a small amount of irritation involved, mainly because I'm getting tired of going around in circles with this stuff, so I said, out loud what I was thinking of up there. "Stop! I'm not going to screw up being friends with DJ too". It was... a weird feeling. Heaven forbid I say I like the feeling of being depressed (if anything, it's simply because it's familiar), but suddenly the feeling (as in actual physical weight-on-my-chest feeling) was gone, and there was nothing to take it's place. I'm not saying that completely solved the problem or anything (I did something a couple weeks ago that's helped too), but it was rather unusual.

Also, some funny things from here that I found while reading the archives of that site earlier this morning:

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Yes. Maybe it's just me, but I was laughing so much my throat was starting to hurt, and I think our neighbors could hear me too because my window was open ^^;

I need to shave and find a small something to eat before work though, so that'll be enough for now~