January 19th, 2009

Exactly Two Months Later

I was going to take a screenshot of the page, but there's really no point to doing so. Remember that we checked in to the hotel for MFF on the 19th of November, yes? Today is the 19th of January, and there was an email waiting for me in my alternate account when I got home that said (in far too many words) the balance on my Money Mart card is now $877.56. Logging into the site showed the same thing, so now I am faced with a dilemma. Although before I get to that, I always thought that word was spelled "dilemna". Strange.

At any rate, my original plans were to put it towards something specific (CH NBCM =;M?d ; @OLMOCN), but somewhere in months past, a screw has fallen out of the plastic casing that surrounds my laptop screen, and said casing has apparently decided it's not going to remain where it was before, and instead start to come off, which makes horrible cracking sounds every time I open it. While it would probably last a good deal longer without anything worse happening, I don't want to idly wait by for it to actually break, so my plans right now are as follows. Half of that money will be used for the specific purpose listed above (for which a hint to decrypt would be "cents"), and the other half will go towards buying a new laptop. I've already been looking at staples.ca, and they have several on there for up to $800 that would be worth it. But if I end up doing so, the rest of the money will be coming out of my checking account, meaning it will be next week, if not the week after that when I see about going to Staples. The added advantage to that is there was something I read online or heard on the radio before regarding that "I *must* have this" feeling, and how it dissipates within a week.

The irony with this is just a couple days ago I was telling Dyno about possibly buying more RAM for my laptop, and now I'm thinking about getting a new one entirely. I really don't want to up and spend that much money when I still have one that works fine right here, but maybe it's better that I do so now without too much money in my bank account, because back before getting a tattoo and MFF came up, I had almost five times what I do now, and didn't want to spend any of it for having to save that much up again. More updates to that as events warrant though, because I can't say very much more right now.

Well, I really only have two other things to write about aside from that, and they're both fairly short, so meh. The first one is that after finding the game such a very long time ago (at least a couple years), I've finally beaten Mario's Picross 2 :3 It would be really nice if the game was more popular, because I do enjoy those puzzles, but it isn't, meaning that my options are now limited to the version that was included with some Sudoku DS game which has a really terrible control scheme, and Pic Pic, which doesn't have picross in it at all ;_; The second thing is that the directions for my snack tonight included a step saying to rotate the plate once. Why? I realize not all microwaves have a turntable thing in them, but even for those that don't, what purpose can opening the door halfway through and turning the plate around possibly serve?

Time to take my questions to Google and see what it comes up with. Perhaps I'll have something else to say about that tomorrow~