January 20th, 2009

This is What I Was Talking About


Coincidentally, I noticed earlier today that if I squeeze the two pieces tightly together *then* push the screen back, it doesn't make the worrisome cracking noise it used to. Also, I've been thinking if I do get a new one, it's going to come with Vista on it, but I still have an old XP CD (without any service packs or updates, which should be only too fun for updating) that, coupled with product key sticker on our old computer, I can use to install XP instead. Not having to worry as much about going out to Staples is better for now though, because with that week plus a day I'm working starting on Saturday, I'm not going to be terribly enthusiastic about going there then. Although the one thing I do have to look forward to with that stretch of closes is only working 8-12 on Thursday. Depending on who the closing manager is, I may be asked to stay and help them close, but it's still over a week away.

But since I'm thinking of work, something that came up tonight. For the first part of it, things went really well, and I had ample opportunity to get everything caught up that needed to be. Manoah and I ended up talking again about more stuff, mostly related to Steve and George, and then 1:00 came, and things went downhill in all of five minutes. Question: from 12 - 12:56, we had all of two or three customers, then suddenly after that, at least five more pull in. Where the hell were you earlier in the night!? I have everything tidied up and ready to go so we can be out in no more than ten minutes, and then suddenly you all decide you need food at the last minute, and pile into the drive through. "You" in this case refers to anybody, but that's just what I was thinking then. Even better though, the second-last customer requested their fries be fresh, and here I'm thinking "It's after 1 in the morning, and we're supposed to be closed now. You're lucky you're getting anything". Sure enough, they pulled back around to complain about their fries several minutes after Manoah said we were closed, then he and I got into a heated argument about how I shouldn't have thrown the nacho cheese out, or carried the beef over, because they wanted the fries supremed. Fine Manoah, you're right, but you try steaming a rush like that where everybody comes in after we're supposed to be closed and see how calm you remain.

Also, I don't take very well to being yelled at, but that's another thing entirely.

Well Isn't That Funny

Since about 7:00 I've been reading this. It was in Reddit's RSS feed, seemed interesting, and I really don't have much more to do until 8. Anyways, skip down to the last few paragraphs, and you'll see the amusing part. It's a decent analogy, but of all animals, a snow leopard? Yesh. That the other guy wasn't able to find any is amusing, but where I'm concerned, if I want you to find me, you'll be able to. Dyno's mate asked the other day if I was on Furaffinity, and that's a perfect example of it. Well, technically I am, but the account isn't in my name, and the only thing I've done with it was posting a comment on the first picture I commissioned from Cooper.

Also on the same sort of note, I washed dishes earlier, but while waiting a bit longer to start them (for there weren't very many), was petting one of the cats quite vigorously (in time to the music playing on my laptop, if you must know), and that left a rather large pile of hair (or fur) on the floor, which I left there planning to show how much had come off. Then later on while I was washing the last few dishes, Mom noticed the pile, then she and Dad tried to figure out where it came from, which saw her promptly come up behind me, grab my tail, whereupon Dad said he thought I was "molting". Twice. No, Dad, it's called "shedding". Reptiles molt, although it wouldn't surprise me if those two words are normally used interchangeably. Then again, he *is* playing along with me being furry alot more than I figured he would, so I shouldn't be too critical.

After that, I had to go out and uninstall Office 2007 from his laptop because Naomi put it on there yesterday thinking it would be better than Wordpad for him (perhaps, but it's still overkill), then also run disk cleanup and remove a couple programs from the startup list. He also needs to update to SP3 sometime soon, but he can do that on his own, lest it screw up on me :x I also have the results from a somewhat interesting quiz StumbleUpon showed me earlier to post, but I'll leave that until the next entry I write, because it's already 7:50 and I want to put another song on my PSP before leaving~