February 12th, 2009

One Thing I Forgot

When things finally calmed down and were caught up enough that we had a few minutes to rest (at work), I suggested we use the time to fill the ice machines in the dining room, and while doing so, Manoah asked when the next time I would be going to London was, if at all, because I mentioned possibly going back in January sometime. His next question was if I was going to have my "get-up", and I said yes, so he asked if "they" (Cola and Madius, at least) minded, and I told him "Well, sort of." So he continued pressing on that, which eventually led to him asking what would happen if, should Madius and I end up going out for lunch again, what would happen if I was asked to leave my tail at the apartment. I plan on asking what it is about me alone that's different than the fursuiters going various places, and if things aren't resolved then, talking to Madius about it on MSN when I get home. As for Manoah, I originally told him that if worse came to worse, I'd be going out for lunch myself, but that would not happen. Simply put, if it were to come to that, it would be very awkward going back to the apartment afterwards.

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As for today, things at Heart and Stroke went predictably, but we were able to head up to Little Caesars afterwards so I could get one of those cheap pizzas (which are closer to $7 now :x), then came home, where I opened Pidgin and was promptly sent a message by T-Dawg, so we talked for a bit, then he stopped responding to my messages so I busied myself with playing Oblivion or something. Skip ahead a bit, and I realized neither QTAddressBar nor Paint.net would work anymore, most likely because of the .NET framework service back that Windows Update installed last night. Uninstalling it didn't fix anything though, so I'm either going to buy a package of blank CDs while we're grocery shopping tomorrow, or ask to go to Staples after that to get those and double-sided tape. Then I'll be installing the 64-bit version of XP, which will hopefully not give me problems because although I haven't been able to test them, the drivers I have now are purported to not work. But getting back to today, Dyno sent me a message around midnight as well, so we talked for about an hour, then he needed to go to bed, so I jumped in the shower, then backed everything up from this laptop while watching Eagle Eye on the other one.

It was a pretty good movie, and the only thing I want to fuss about is the explosive crystal thing. For all the plans the computer masterminds throughout the rest of the movie, you'd think it would be able to come up with some more reliable way to assassinate all of it's targets. Of course, if it were that simple the movie would be much, much shorter, so whatever. I was planning on playing Oblivion some more after that, but wanted to write this first, and it's now five after six in the morning, and we're going grocery shopping at 4, so I need to go to sleep. Just one more thing before that though.

This song. The entire album has been on my PSP for some time now, but it's quite long, so I only heard it a couple days ago, but it's quite awesome <3 The only problem with it is described in one of the comments here, but meh. When I first heard the song it sounded like that sort, and I still like it anyways. Even a little bit more because of that (certain types of music is another way I found of dealing with depressing things).

So yeah. With any luck, the next entry I write will be from this laptop running the 64-bit version of XP, but that all depends on how things go tomorrow. Hopefully well, at any rate~