February 22nd, 2009

Fifteen Minutes Well Spent :x

I'm on the train to London right now, and just finished "fixing" my laptop. I pulled it out almost as soon as I got on and found a seat, but neither the keyboard nor touchpad would respond once the welcome screen showed up. Several reboots (and connecting my wireless mouse) later, I tried using System Restore to go back to the point before I installed the driver for the webcam (XP apparently has one built in anyways), and it's thankfully working now. Yeah, I could've used the on-screen keyboard if it came to it, but that would take forever to type even this first paragraph with :s

Anyways, last night was... interesting. From my point of view, it's a perfect example of having to work hard for fun, but from George and Manoah's perspectives, it was...

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Anyways, we're about 15 minutes from London now, so I'm going to pack this up and busy myself with PSPRevolution or something. Hopefully next time I turn it on, the keyboard and mouse actually work~