February 26th, 2009

Starting to Resolve Things?

Before anything, thank you, Cola. It's nice to learn (indirectly) that the sentences I write in some entries here and there directed to you actually get read. Most of them are just "If you're reading this, [something to avoid bad things]", but that's beside the point. For anyone else, however, Madius and I ended up talking for a bit tonight about those things I said in my previous entry, and while he stopped responding before we were able to reach any definite conclusion, we were able to at least tell each other how we feel in regards to certain issues. They had reason to believe I may have been using their internet to download large files, because my laptop was always open a bit even when I was out of the apartment, and therefore had to make sure it wasn't me. While I'm still not absolutely certain that it *wasn't*, the only other way it could've happened is by my laptop being infected with some sort of virus, and I would hope that's not the case.

As for the tail thing, I more or less said I just didn't like being told to tuck it away without any explanation of why, but then he admitted to having done a rather poor job of explaining it the first time, and said that there were furs in London who don't like their furriness to be mixed in with their work or otherwise non-furry lives, which I definitely can understand. My only problem there is still wanting to go out that way where possible, but not wanting to ask who the specific furs that have other thoughts about it are as well. Cooper, sure, but Madius made it sound like she isn't the only one *shrugs* The only other thing was that when I asked what he wanted to talk about (the "internet thing" or "tail thing"), he said "Both, and some more", and we never got to the "some more". Unless it's to do with being asked to help, in which case I can't see what would be so bad. Well, either that or not having as much fun this past time, but it's not like every single time going up there is going to be as fun as the last.

Aside from that, this is rather interesting. While I can't remember the specific number of occurrences, I can remember having a dream before when we were crossing the train tracks out by the cemetery, and our vehicle stalled. Sure enough, there was a train headed for us at high speed, but try as I might, I could only move very slowly, or not at all. Even worse is having the feeling that you know you can move faster than what you are, but can't force your body to. Then there were also other dreams where I've tried to yell / scream / holler at someone, but it felt like the speech / sound was literally stuck in my throat. On an unrelated note, Dyno and I also talked for a couple hours (I think of it as making up for the past few days), but the only new / unusual things out of that are of the sort that I won't repeat. There is one other thing I could talk about too, but I'll leave it until tomorrow sometime, when I can actually think straight.

For now, I need to go downstairs to find some newspaper to crumple up, and also see if Dad has packing tape in the kitchen anywhere. As such, for next time there will be that thing mentioned above, a new desktop picture, and having also sort of broken the sink in the bathroom. It comes down to not being able to remember how things were to begin with, but I'm going to stop, because I'm beginning to ramble now~

Stuff I Didn't Get to Last Night

The first one is that new desktop picture. It can be found here, and I think it looks alright. Especially for the new Rainlendar skin, because that other one was getting sort of old. Unfortunately, the entire desktop is, so it will probably be changed soon, but that's what it looks like right now :3 Well, not right *now*, because then the time would be 7:40pm, for one, but yeah. I also fiddled with the common places thing that appears in some dialog boxes, but don't have a screenshot of that yet. Eventually though.

As for the sink thing, it was more broken before I messed with it, because it either drained extremely slowly or didn't drain at all, and as of this moment it does drain, but the plug / stopper won't move up or down :x I have one other idea of how to fix that though, so hopefully I'm able to try it before anybody pushes the plug down and wonders why it won't come back up. The entire stopper assembly stunk like you wouldn't believe too, but I'm just going to assume that's because of where the water goes, and that it also doesn't get cleaned very often, if at all.

There was one other thing I sort of hinted at too, but can't remember what it was now, so in the meantime, other random things.

For one, work tonight is probably going to suck, because it's my first night back after four days off, with the order coming in. Also, it's raining outside, and when we drove past there on the way home from getting groceries it looked quite busy, but hopefully that was just their supper rush. Ange was there last night when I went to pick up my pay stub (smoking right outside of the door to the dining room, no less), and asked if I would come in for 5 today, but there's not a chance. You, Ange, simply need to stop being so lazy. The one thing I am looking forward to is asking if anything was said about my note. Before leaving on Saturday, I wrote something on the board at the back asking if there was a reason carryover dishes continued to be left for the closers to wash (because it's happened way too many times now and is something that shouldn't be done in the first place), and wasn't able to see if there were any reactions to it on Sunday, for having to get up early and pack things to go to the train station.

Also this afternoon, that box was sent out to Dyno, at a price that was double what I thought it would be, but whatever. At this point, I'm more willing to pay extra to get it there than to have to come back here and say "It costs to much to send the big boxes too." DJ wants those, in return for pictures of him in them, and I cannot see having any other use for the things, especially because they otherwise just take up space in my room.

It's almost 8 now though, and I still need to get my uniform together and find the bags for it again, so I'm off to do that. Maybe I'll ask for a ride too because of the rain, but I need to actually get up and walk around outside again. After all, there's no point to keeping track of the routes I take to and home from work if I always get rides, and that's just a waste of gas anyways~