March 4th, 2009

This is Going to be a While

Extracting a total of at least 20GB data in .rar and .zip files, because I started backing things up again earlier, and noticed that a couple old archives wouldn't open. I was able to find a program to fix that problem (for at least one of the files), but instead of just finding all of them that won't open / extract, I've copied everything to the programs partition on this laptop, and they're all extracting right now (or at least the ones that work), after which I'm going to be picking through them for duplicate files, then categorizing them a bit better, and copying everything back to both external drives, *uncompressed* The duplicate file search is something that will take at least an hour to complete itself, so with any luck, that will run overnight, but that all depends on how things go in the next 54 minutes.

Also, despite the sink in the bathroom being fixed, there is now a funny problem with the tub / shower. Running the sink for long enough (say, a full minute or longer) will cause water to flow back up out of the drain and into the tub, and also, while in the shower earlier, I didn't even have the stopper plugged in, and the water was still halfway up my ankles, when I was only in there for a total of about 20 minutes. Of course, it took just as long to drain, even after the plunger was used, so yeah ;_;

Other excitement for the night was having talked to Dyno for a bit again, but I'm still in a bad / upset sort of mood (long story), and although the reasons for that were addressed (for the most part), I still need to get a good sleep in order to put those things behind me. Therefore, sleep will go for however long my body feels is necessary before waking up, which may be funny, because he already sent me one message earlier today saying that it was 4 in the afternoon and I was still asleep ^^;

Finally, in the furry category, this image is apparently unexplainable. While I can't place exactly what they are (they look like dart guns or something), the rest makes perfect sense. Images like this one, however (just to avoid that more common one of the UPS truck in the river) are.

But yes. 7-Zip is at 94% done extracting this, so I'm going to post this, then wait on it to complete, then go to bed~