March 7th, 2009

Real Life is Disappointing ;_;

I had a dream last night that I ended up having to write about in a private entry, because although it's nothing I really care about not mentioning anymore, both Naomi and Manoah are at least aware of the existence of my LJ, and that's enough reason to be at least a bit hesitant ^^;

Anyways, I was walking along Sandys St, like I do when taking that route to work, and at what felt like the field between Pizazz and whatever the building somewhat close to the church is, happened across some items along the side of the road with some other garbage waiting to be picked up. However, the items were still perfectly usable, and I felt it a terrible waste to just leave them there to be discarded with the rest of the trash, so after some hesitance and walking back down the street then up towards the church again to make sure nobody was around to see me picking through the stuff, grabbed one, and walked away quite briskly. Suddenly I found myself in Shoppers, walking towards what was either a changing room or bathroom, shortly after which I woke up, then eventually fell back asleep and had another dream in a different setting, but kept thinking to myself "I really need to get out of here to grab the rest of those things", then woke up a second time after that dream had "ended", and literally thought "Now I need to go back to sleep so I can see if they're still there."

Then, much later on (about one and a half hours ago), I decided to take a route home that went along Sandys, but upon reaching that particular spot (which, in real life, felt like it was just *after* the church (facing the same way as in the dream, that is)), was rather dismayed to find nothing, but while it would've been cool to have found the item (or items) pictured in my dream, taking them all home would be a bit difficult.

As for work, it went fine for a Friday night, but all I'm concerning myself with at the moment is having Sunday off. Then Wednesday too, but I have to work two days in between then, and special plans for what to do after getting done work on Tuesday night would also be affected by having to go to Heart and Stroke on Wednesday, but meh. There's nothing wrong with at least explaining to Michele that I'd prefer to show up on Tuesday again this week, so I'll do that right now, because I really only wanted to write about that dream and having gone to the same place as where I was in it on the way home~