March 21st, 2009

Let's See if they Actually Do It

I sent a suggestion to "the GMail team" about ten minutes ago saying they should consider updating the message that's displayed when there are no emails in the Trash, because it still says you should never need to delete any when you have over 2,000MB of storage, yet the amount is, as of this moment, up to 7,307MB. Amusingly enough, I have yet to use one full percent of that, and the only reason I've used so much space as is has been from sending Manoah several songs both as attachments and to links where I found them in the past, among other things. Yeah, their message is still technically correct because it says "over", but that's a rather large stretch. Also, whoever keeps uploading songs to the Nico Nico Douga database (link is over there to the right) can kindly stop now, because I've already downloaded about 20 new MP3s from that site since I got home, and my desktop is probably a mess, when I just had it nice and organized yesterday evening.

Anyways, the one thing I really want to write about now (and also the reason for me being up this early in the morning) is work. It also works for another purpose though, because I received an email regarding this yesterday afternoon, and if anybody is going to be looking at my LJ to see what can be done about fixing that problem, it would be helpful to have an entry with a cut at the top of the page.

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It is now, unfortunately, 7:30am, and I want to be up at 3 tomorrow afternoon to do something I haven't been able to for the past couple days, then there's also going to Wendys for supper and other fun things <3 I did, of course, go to Tim Hortons on the way home tonight too, and didn't win anything with my cup (aside from an invitation to play again), but I got to wondering while walking down Wellington if they have ever had anybody demand a refund because they didn't win anything. Possibly, but the answer would be a simple "No. You paid for the drink, not the cup". Yeah. I'm going to bed now~

Note to Self: Stop Anticipating Things

For pretty much the entirety of yesterday I kept having thoughts to myself of looking forward to stopping by Tim Hortons on the way home from work and getting Wendys for supper the following night. The first thing went fine, aside from them not having a terribly large selection of donuts (in fairness, it *was* about 4 in the morning), and I refrained from eating anything today, because I woke up at 3 and figured on going out to get food whenever Dyno left for work. He, however, ended up not being online at all (rather complicated story), and also, Mom knocked on my door at 5 said that if I was coming along with them for supper, I needed to tell them where I wanted to go and get dressed. In short, we got back from Kelseys about an hour ago (and because the bottom of the receipt reminded me, their login info for still works...), and I may go out to Tim Hortons when I finish writing this to see if they have a wider variety of donuts, but that aside, Wendys will likely be waiting until later this week now. I have Tuesday off, but close Wednesday after that. However, if I wait for a little bit longer, I'll have both Thursday and Friday off, and we get paid this Thursday. Supper included, I have plans for about $100 of it, but 50 of that could just as easily wait until I get this other $100 I'm supposed to be getting as a tax return, so we'll see.

In other amusing news, in between getting ready to leave and arriving at Kelseys, both Naomi and Adam said they want a tattoo now. To be technical, Naomi was the one that said Adam wanted one, but the point still stands. Frankly though, I'm not concerned. Naomi has no form of disposable income whatsoever until we get the rest of the money we've been told is coming from Grandpa's estate, and I can't picture Adam being very interested in getting, in Naomi's words, a lightning bolt on his arm unless somebody else wanted him to. Furthermore, back when I was getting things together to apply for my passport, they both expressed almost immediate interest in getting theirs too. It has now been close to a year since, and as far as I can tell they've pretty much forgotten about them.

As for the rest of the night, hopefully Dyno is online later because we haven't been able to talk in a couple days, but if he's not / after that, I'm probably just going to go back to watching movies and doing random things on this laptop like the past couple days. At any rate, it's almost 9 now, so I should probably head out. First thing to be done when I get back is to rename / back up all this music on my desktop (and torrents parition), and also put the English version of Pokemon Platinum on Adam's R4DS, but he needs to find it first. Seems sort of pointless to have bought him something for Christmas that he should never have to remove from his DS, but it happened, and his is own problem, I guess. Anyways, I'm off. Hopefully not too late, but I'll find out when I get there~