March 23rd, 2009

It Must Have Come From The States...

There was envelope on the counter for me when I went down there about 20 minutes ago, of the same official-looking government variety that GST checks have come in before. This time, however, the amount is for ~$110, and will be deposited into my account at one of the banks on the way to work tonight, then will be getting transferred to my Paypal account when I get home because I have plans for at least half of it. Still though, we went there about two weeks ago, and just a few days after George mentioned having gotten his check back in only a couple days, so I feel it rather appropriate to make that statement. As for what I want to get specifically, I do not know yet. The idea in general is it at the moment.

Also, in work-related news, the fryer filtering thing may, for now, not end up being as big a deal as I'm thinking it will be, because I showed up there at ~7:30 last night, and Steve promptly let me know what had been caught up and still needed to be done, and mentioned that he filtered both fryers earlier in the afternoon because it wasn't busy. So as long as they can get at least one of them done during the day, that's fine. I'll gladly see to it myself that the other fryer gets done too, but having to do both will be very time-consuming when all is said and done. Him having done that worked out well though, because from shortly after 8 until quarter after 9 or so, it was extremely busy. I was making orders as quickly as I could, and yet there still ended up being some that had been waiting 9 or 10 minutes at one point. Two customers in drive through were complaining as well though, where one just asked for their order to be canceled (10 soft tacos), and the other was yelling at James telling him that "next time, drive through should be faster". We ended up with no customers whatsoever for the last hour of the night though, so I was able to do the floors, rotate the walk-in and bring all the cases of fries up, and get some other things that should help us if it's busy again tonight.

I had a dream while sleeping too that Michele emailed me to say I could pick either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week to come in, but in all likelihood, Wednesday will end up being it, because I have tomorrow off, aside from having the dishes to wash later at night. The one unfortunate part of that is not being able to stay up really early in the morning tomorrow, but I was getting quite tired at 5 earlier this morning, so I can only hope the same happens a second time. I do, however, still plan on visiting a Tim Hortons on the way home tonight, and hopefully they'll have a better selection of stuff for it not being as early. Then again, I'll be bringing $5 at most with me, because I have maybe $24 left on my Money Mart card, $15 of that for next month's fee. I can see averaging about $100 on it every couple months though, but we'll see what happens. Anyways, Dyno IMed me earlier to say that he had some news for me, and even though I know what it is, I'm going to go back to talking to him for really having nothing else to write about in here now~