March 24th, 2009

It's About Time I Won Something

To think I wasn't even going to stop by Tim Hortons tonight as well. According to Steve, they're remodeling the actual store right now, so there's this trailer parked right in the driveway that you can walk into and order things as normal. Well, almost normal, because they couldn't find the chocolate shavings for my cafe mocha, but they put more whipped cream in it instead, which I was quite fine with. But yeah. Sometime within the next couple days I can get a free donut, so yay ^^ Probably not tomorrow, because I'll need to be in bed somewhat early to go to Heart and Stroke on Wednesday morning, therefore I don't want to do anything special. Besides, I have at most $10 of change right now (technically closer to $40 but the rest is in coin rolls), and all of ~$3 on my Money Mart card because I found something to spend most of the remaining $28 on. Also, I am absolutely hopeless and unable to think of any places in this city that one would buy a wallet at, so I purchased one of those online too, and yes~ It isn't exactly an ordinary wallet either (at least by completely standard definition), but I will leave the "Why?" part of it until the eCheck clears and it's actually here.

Work tonight went okay, but slightly annoying because Manoah didn't start until 9 and therefore decided that he had too much manager-specific work to do, so he would put me on drive through and be on line, which wouldn't have been bad if he actually cleaned the grill. To be fair, he did end up completing that task eventually, but it took a half hour or so after we'd closed and me saying no quite a few times before he got the point that he'd have to do it himself. Yes, that was improper of me, because he's a manager and I should do what he says, but if you're switching me from a position I feel I'm pretty good at just so the night's easier on you, I expect you to do your fair share of the work, which is almost entirely finishing all the tasks that your position requires. Also, he's still sick about 3 weeks after he originally caught a cold from whomever else, but the accepted conclusion at the moment is it's because he continues to smoke, but that's his problem. It is fun though. Everybody tells me *I'm* going to get sick from walking around in the cold, and, in the case of a couple weeks ago, walking home in the rain, but no. If anything, it's the exact opposite of that.

The only other thing I could mention right now is that I'm thinking of picking up both Pokemon Platinum and the player's guide from EB Games when we go grocery shopping this Thursday (and it would be nice to pay for a DS game for the first time in a long while), and I also want to get the strawberry syrup for milk, if I can find it. We got to discussing chocolate and white milk at work the other night, and it came to mind that I have never actually had strawberry milk, so, well, I want to try it :3 Anyways, it may be 6:30 in the morning now, but I'm going to play JamLegend for a bit or something until I start getting tired~