March 28th, 2009

Plans Change so Quickly

In regards to tomorrow night, with walking home a long way and getting snacks as I go, that may not happen after all, either in whole or in part. First off, I do still have to work on Monday night (8-close), so to buy a bunch of snacks, and stay up as late as possible to to enjoy them would be rather pointless. Secondly, I've been eating a far too much extra food lately. For about two days back at the beginning of the week I decided to try the recommended eating 6 smaller meals per day, but neglected to act on the "smaller" part, and one of those nights I had to work, which saw me eating two or three meals (by my definition) of food in less than five hours. Finally, as previously stated I have all of ~$3 left on my Titanium card, and I don't want to have to load more onto it or withdraw $20 from the bank, because there are a couple things of a somewhat furry but non-furred nature that I really want to buy, and although I don't know the exact prices of any, they're definitely of the "over $100" variety.

That's why I'm glad summer is coming though, because it means we're going to be getting more, longer shifts, and thus get paid more. Last night went alright considering I got called in, and all I did was washed all the dishes then swept the floor at the back, which took 2 and a half hours altogether. I was, however, quite quiet (awesome sequence of words <3), because I was *not* there to close, and figured that if I did start striking up conversation with the closers whenever they came back, I would not want to leave when I finished the dishes, and Manoah must have noticed that, because just as I was getting ready to leave, he asked me if I was leaving. My response was something along the lines of "No, I'm taking the cardboard and garbage out, then I'm going to change into my uniform and help on line" to which he said I was lying, followed by him telling me "Well, I must be leaving then", after which he accused me of giving him attitude. Simple rule: there are other things both of us could be doing with our time besides talking about things that are plainly obvious, so please, let's not waste each others' time. I realize you may be happy that I got all the dishes caught up, but in that case, just say "Thanks". Or maybe I'm being really fussy, but I enjoy it.

After that, I stopped at both 7-11 and Tim Hortons on the way home (7-11 because I was pleased with myself for having done all the dishes), and the guy at Tim Hortons gave me an extra large cafe mocha for free, but no donut ;_; Then again, the drink is $2.25, and the donut is 85 cents, so I won't complain :3 Upon getting home though, I talked to Dyno in MSN for a bit, then on Skype, which is the same as what happened this afternoon, and in complete seriousness, I would not ask for anything to go different with us as friends than it is now. Yeah, I mention talking to him an awful lot in here, but that is a very, very good thing ^^

As for other random things, Pokemon Platinum is still coming along fairly well. I'm only up to the first gym so far, and might try to complete it before I leave, because all I *should* have to do is go back to the Poke-center, then try again. And yeah, I'm actually going to try that right now. Hopefully it's successful~