April 14th, 2009

They're Getting Really Nosy Today

As a writer's block question this time, you're asked what your first LJ entry was about. 31st of October, back in 2004. Musing about finding myself in about the same place with the whole otherkin thing as I rather am with furries right now. Of course, I hadn't made that connection then, because that would imply I was able to travel five years and some months into the future, but yeah. No, I'm not saying any more either (at least not yet), because it does feel significantly different than before, and also there's no point saying "This is what's going on" when things could just go back to normal eventually.

In completely different (and somewhat less-good) news though, I believe I'm starting to get sick again. The feeling of it first became noticeable at work last night, but the back of my throat feels, well, swollen, for lack of a better word, and while it wasn't extremely bad last night (the worst was having something caught in my throat while talking to Dyno on Skype), it's at the point today where I can still talk, albeit much quieter than yesterday lest it hurt my throat, and it still feels swollen in general. Therefore, I really hope Steve doesn't plan on having me do drive through tonight, and if this progresses as I'm expecting it to, I won't be going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow. That decision will be left until I get home from work though, just in case I magically happen to get better in the next ~20 hours.

As for Pokemon Platinum progress, every time I load my save file I am standing right in front of Giratina, but am determined to catch it *without* using the Master Ball. However, my attempts at that last night saw me using all ten of my Ultra Balls, and the furthest any of those got was shaking twice, then Giratina breaking free. Thus, I have one more idea for right now which I might as well try because I can't think of much else to say anyways~