June 15th, 2009

The (Current) Worst Idea Ever

Leftover chicken pot pie from yesterday night's supper + the seasoning packet from those Doritos = no. At first I thought they might go well together, or the seasoning would add a little extra flavor, and to be fair it did, it was sweet enough to be noticeable, and sweetness plus spiciness plus chicken pot pie-ness is not a good combination. There were no cupcakes left though, and those brownies I made, despite being effectively mangled beyond recognition (blame not having enough patience to allow them enough time for cooling) were all gone, so at least I was able to have a snack, and now, barring possible exceptions on days off, I'm going to try to stick to having a bowl of cereal when I wake up, then either have a small snack or whatever leftovers are in the fridge from supper when I get home from work, or anywhere from midnight to 6 in the morning on days off. Simply because I have been eating alot more than normal lately, and once again it's starting to show.

That, however, is nothing entirely new, and shouldn't be a terribly big issue by the end of the month anyways, because it's getting to the point where I actually don't want to take the direct route home. Tonight I was going to head out to Baldoon then walk along the Thames Lea Plaza from there, but ended up sticking around at work until 2:30 talking to George, Manoah, Megan, and Tryphena. Well, not so much talking as listening and laughing at various points, but I also didn't want to be rude and just say "I'm leaving". Tomorrow night might very well be the same too, but knowing it I'll be on drive through, because Manoah was tonight, although just... at this point, whatever. Melissa has indirectly said that she will be randomly stopping by on closes from time to time (although I'd hope she comes while the dining room is still open) to make sure we're doing things properly, so having at least a few "practice shifts" to get used to that again would be helpful, albeit not necessary if we were actually following all the rules, but then again, I don't think there's one staff member there (Melissa included) who follows every single rule exactly, so yeah.

Going back to walking home though, a little while ago I mentioned taking the same route I was thinking of tonight, and realizing that it was 4 in the morning and I had nowhere else to be and nothing to do, so I might as well take my time getting home, but now I actually do. Well, sort of. Still playing through PoPoLoCrois, having just started into the third book, and I can't really remember why I put the game down the first time. Something along the lines of going to Gami Gami City straight out, and having a terribly difficult time fighting the monsters along the way, when you're actually not expected to go there until you've completed a couple other "quests". After this game (even though I'm not sure how much I've finished, or how much more is left), possibly Legend of Heroes, but I'm not as sure about that. Kind of interesting though, because I was playing it before leaving for work earlier tonight, and still couldn't shake the feeling of it missing something, and after the cutscene(s) following the Ice Demon's release, that empty spot had been filled. It's either a sense of urgency, or really being able to feel for the character(s), but one of those things (or even both combined) make any particular RPG that much more enjoyable. I will say that the whole flow of "be given a quest, go to the area it takes place in, fight your way through it, then battle a boss, and have to escape as the area collapses or crumbles around you" is getting to be overdone, but that also means you know what to expect, so for now, it works.

It's now after 6 in the morning as well, and is therefore time to call it a night, so maybe something interesting will happen tomorrow, but I can't think of anything outside of getting that CD, and it likely won't show up until next week anyways. Meh~