July 12th, 2009

Tracking Pages are Utterly Useless

The page text might as well read "The U.S. Postal Service has decided that they're not going to tell you anything until your package shows up" ;_; I'm waiting on a shirt and a guide, and while I received the email for the guide on Friday so it's understandable for that page to not have updated, but the one for the shirt hasn't changed all week, so I've about given up hope on it, and will probably have a larger than normal piece of mail waiting for me sometime before this coming Friday.

On another random tangent, I was in the shower about half an hour ago, and although I can't figure out why it came to mind, all I was thinking about was MFF, primarily having to ask how to turn on the shower the first morning of the con <3 Then there was also learning the use of the plastic shower curtain, and summarily having to wipe water off the floor when I got out. More embarrassing than anything at the time, but right now, fun and silly memories. Not to say we don't have one of those curtains on our shower at home, but I never really thought of it as being important before that.

Where normal stuff is concerned, today has been generally weird, because I was in a terrible mood when I went to bed then woke up later, but that got better when I realized I was over thinking the issue too much (something on fmylife.com), so I ended up using the afternoon to start reinstalling XP, then at 9 went out to Shoppers and Via Rail, and by the time I got home it was almost 10, so I continued reinstalling and customizing things on this laptop (there truly is alot of work that goes into getting it the way I like), then somewhere along that line decided I wanted to downgrade my PSP's firmware to 3.90 to use a custom theme I found, but there turned out to be a version for 5.00 (which is what I have), so I installed that, then had to find a flash0 version (otherwise the theme won't load if the memory stick isn't inserted), and had to make attempts at customizing that for a while (long story), and yeah. It's been a full night, if a bit disorganized, but there's nothing wrong with that :3

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I seem to be doing it again too. I completely stopped writing this entry for a good ten minutes to fiddle with the CSS required to change the font size and line spacing of the entry text, because I found a new font tonight that I quite like, and, coincidentally, is named after something furry-related. The name is Eurofurence, and it does quite well for a nice, readable font.

With that random remark I'm off to bed though, because the sun is coming up, and I've done pretty much everything I needed to now. Well, save for one last change (modifying the default colors of cmd.exe), but that's easy enough to do~