August 22nd, 2009

I'm Not Even Tired

This is the effect a bottle of pop and possibly a medium Slurpee has on me these days. I went there at about 4:30 this morning (shortly after I got home, but I had to fix my ears again because the headband broke a second time), and it's now 3 hours later. I'm sort of starting to get tired, but all the same I wouldn't be surprised if I'm up until 8am. That's not a bad thing one way or the other though, because I have tomorrow off and it's also Saturday, so I can sleep in for as long as I please. The weather's also rather interesting right now too, because back at 7 or so, it was starting to brighten up outside, but still looked unnaturally bright, then right now, 40 minutes later, it's back to being quite dark and gloomy. I'd take dark and gloomy any day though, and for the first time in a while I think I'm actually going to have to have a blanket over me to sleep comfortably tonight.

Work was pretty fun again, and it surprises me that for as much stuff as I do to everybody else throughout the night they rarely ever do anything to me, but meh. I ended up not being on anything in particular tonight though, meaning at one point I was tasked with deck scrubbing the floor, and while sweeping, found everything seen here. The best part about it is Steve had swept about an hour before I did, and was bragging to everybody about finding a cheese bag underneath the ice machine. That's nice, but what about all the cups?

Oh well. Knowing him he would've complained about everybody dropping stuff on the floor and kicking it under there, but then not have done anything to clean the mess up himself. The cleaning wasn't entirely pleasant though, because I had to spread a garbage bag out on the floor then pretty much lay down on my stomach and reach underneath with a pair of tongs to grab everything. Fun as well, because it's an unusual task and one that's rarely done on top of that, but dear god, if I didn't think Melissa would give me a hard time for having my camera at work instead, I'd show her that picture next time we see each other.

As for my days off now, I've no particular plans for them yet, but Mom and Dad mentioned earlier that the next time they'll see me is either very early Sunday morning, or sometime on Monday because they're going away for the weekend. I think Naomi is going to some concert in Toronto with Sara today too. Adam is also off at work right now, , so whenever I wake up, I might very well have the entire house to myself :3 Then again, in past cases like that, the only special thing I've done was played a couple songs on the piano while nobody was around to make a big deal about it, so nothing extremely special. I am thinking about going down the street to Haveys for supper though, because before they changed it, their sign was advertising poutine fries with a combo, and I'd like to have those again because the last time I did was at the Toronto Zoo <3

Oh, and that package I received the delivery notice for yesterday was my Rockman EXE 1 and 3 guides (not Megaman Battle Network, because they're Japanese), so now I'm back to just waiting for my second pair of ears from Chesh, that little sculpture, and things from Nintendo which they're evidently procrastinating about sending out.

I'd like to not sleep in too late tomorrow though, so for now, bedtime, which should be nice because it's starting to rain again~