August 27th, 2009

A Somewhat Happy Ending

Melissa was nothing but understanding about my apprehension at suddenly working all those supper shifts, and complete refusal to work earlier than that, so she will continue to schedule me for closes whenever she finishes the next sheet, and as for those supper shifts next week, apparently it's so she has a chance to work with some of the staff that she otherwise rarely ever sees. That makes it sound oh so much like she wants to instill the proper ways to do everything in us, as mentioned before, but whatever. I'll gladly take a week of those shifts to have a break as long as I know I'll be going back to my usual schedule after that.

As for Heart and Stroke, I just got off the phone with Michele about ten minutes ago, and unless it's changed again, I'll be going there on September 16th, but the new manager this year is going to prove somewhat difficult. It's the same guy who took this picture last year, but since then, has seen that as enough of an issue that if I am to return, I'm not allowed to be seen behind the counter like that. Don't test me, sir, because I am much more likely to duck in beside the fence by the back door each day and tuck my tail down into a leg of my pants and carry my ears in. Nobody, bar nobody but me dictates my casual attire, and regardless of whether it's just one day of the week or not, as long as I'm walking home, I will bring that stuff in. Better yet would be to work out an agreement where I always go in the back door then head directly to the bathroom before anybody can see me, but no. On the same sort of note, if they're open on Saturday or Sunday, I need to visit Value Village in hopes of finding a new black belt, because the metal rings on the one I have now are starting to bend outwards, which scrape the loops of my tail when I pull it through them, and they're actually starting to tear. Or I could just borrow Mom's hole punch again and add another hole to a second belt I have, which I will see about doing when I finish this.

Other than that, I was planning to post the first part of this entry last night, but was unable to access the internet for some reason, and after eventually resetting the modem to factory default then going through the setup again, kept being told that the Sympatico user ID and / or password entered were invalid. It's always worrying when that happens, because I wonder if any of us might have done something that would cause them to discontinue our service. Last night it would've been finally closing uTorrent after I realized I wasn't going to achieve a 1.0 ratio for one anytime soon, and there wouldn't be much point to it, because it used to be tracked on The Pirate Bay (not sure if it still is now), and the only site I actually care about my ratio on is Demonoid, when it hasn't been affected by torrents I've downloaded from there in a long time. It's working again now (obviously), but I probably shouldn't get too complacent yet.

I still need to take my cereal bowl downstairs though, then after that, probably play Starforce 2 until 7 (it's finally starting to pick up). I'm really, really hoping Manoah puts me on front cash again tonight too, but I'll find out when I get there, which won't be for another several hours at any rate~