September 9th, 2009

That Didn't Take Long

While at Heart and Stroke earlier, Michele approached me and asked if I'd be able to come in an extra day next week to help her design a flyer for some volunteer BBQ they're holding. Probably, because I finished everything I was given to do today by 4:30, but it's just funny. Maybe I can work something out with her to go in from 3 to 5 on one of the days I have off, so that way I won't have to wake up as early or worry about going to bed in time to get the proper amount of sleep, but we'll see when I check my schedule at work tonight. As for ducking in beside the back door to stuff my tail and ears into a bag, that worked perfectly, and she didn't say anything even though I walked up front holding the bag, so if anything, it's just Steve (the new Area Manager) that I need to look out for.

That being said, this afternoon was mostly comprised of double checking some P2P stuff and making sure a couple files were updated, but oh, how I wish I could go through all of the P2P-related files and condense / reorganize / make formatting consistent in them. Since I've been there, they've gone through at least five iterations now, and it's starting to show in that no two files are alike. The best example of something I'd like to change is the "ROUTES" folder. It contains a subdirectory named "Chatham", and inside that, ten more folders named "Zone 1" through "Zone 10". Each of those zone folders contain exactly one spreadsheet with the same name as the folder, so why not move all of them into the "Chatham" directory and be done? Because then people would get confused, and I'd have to change it back eventually. Oh, and Kit is there instead of Julie this year, which I'm not sure of the cause for.

Aside from that, I'm looking forward to tomorrow because we're going grocery shopping, but before we head out I need to call Dr. Leigh's office and make an appointment. Why? Because last night I learned that I'm "affected" by these wonderful things, and I'm not about to take the "I'll wait it out" stance in this case. It might be quicker to go to Shoppers before work and see if the pharmacy is still open tonight, because medication is supposed to be available over the counter without a prescription, but I also want to go to The Bargain Shop. Then again, we get paid tomorrow, and the medicine, if available is more urgent, so I'll just go there. Having a runny nose / sneezing is still about the same as it was yesterday, except at the time I'm writing this I've gone through two rolls of toilet paper. Being sick sucks, but being sick and too hot is worse, so on that note I should probably get ready for work because it's a good deal cooler outside, and it seems that as long as I'm up and active I'm fine. Whatever works~