September 11th, 2009

I Really Hope that's It

One main thing to write about for tonight, because it's after 5 already and my next shift starts in twelve hours.

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Aside from that, it was a decent night. The "bean burrito guy" (as we call him) came through after a long period of absence, and his second question at the window (after "How have you been?") was asking me if I had a tattoo of leopard spots on my back, because he thought he'd seen me out walking somewhere. Then his debit card was declined so he had to run across the street to the bank, but it happens. I haven't yet gone to the bank to check my balance (probably tomorrow night after I go to McDonalds), but it will now be down another $6 because I went to The Bargain Shop up by Bulk Barn to look for the cushions I saw at the one way out on Queen, and ended up buying two containers of chocolate covered fruit (one blueberries, the other strawberries) instead. That means I'll have to go out to the other one sooner or later, but I might do that on Tuesday after helping Michele with that flyer at Heart and Stroke.

Anyways, it's now 6am, so I should probably go to bed. Working 5-11 tomorrow, and chances are I'll hear about tonight from Melissa, because Mary already has to call her later this morning to make sure the drive through menu board is locked, but whatever. I'll deal with that if and when, and should something really bad end up happening, I'm not going down without a fight because I'm not the only one who doesn't follow all the rules~