September 12th, 2009

Mary Does it Again

Tonight she decided, without even mentioning the idea to me first, that I'd be going home an hour early because it wasn't busy. That was thankfully resolved when Manoah came back with her and explained that they'd made that decision together, then gave me a chance to explain to him that they at least needed to ask me before making any decisions that affected my shift. Except for holidays, but yeah. Stuff that will be ironed out sooner or later. I was also wrong in saying Manoah closes tomorrow night, because he's only there 'till 12, leaving George, Mary, and I to close. George is okay though, so hopefully that'll be enough to make the night go by quickly. As for today's shift, it was decent, aside from Melissa fussing at a couple things I was doing on drive through. Apparently we're not allowed to tell customers the five taco deal is $6.77 with tax now because "that sounds like too much", and I also wasn't repeating the orders. Meh.

Tonight was also my last supper shift unless Melissa gives me another one on the schedule she's making up right now, but that's fine by me. The only thing working another one would get me now is the ability to go to McDonalds for a Flurry, because they weren't serving ice cream when I went tonight, and I can just as easily go there pretty much any other time I desire, so there's no sense hoping for my schedule to specifically accommodate that. Better yet, I could save that for the end of the month, but last time we went on a trip like that we had to pick up Aunt Helen which meant we couldn't stop anywhere, and even if she had her own transportation, Dad was opposed to getting breakfast from McDonalds for, quite frankly, stupid reasons (without going into unnecessary detail, thinking that we should share certain beliefs he held).

Anyways, that will be dealt with at some point in the future, and certainly not for a while because there's way too much food here as is. I did go to McDonalds tonight and used the coupon I had to get a small order of chicken nuggets with another of the same for free. That's twelve nuggets plus a drink, then there were also cheese strings and quiche in the fridge when I got home, so I had some of each, as well as the rest of those chocolate covered strawberries I bought last night, and one little package of Ah Caramels. Yeah. This needs to stop quite soon, but that's also the reason I hope I'm going to be back on solid closes now. Before, it used to be that I'd have a bowl of cereal when I woke up, then either a small snack before leaving for work or box of fries when I got there, then later that night when I got home, one last meal. That was working too, but then day shifts came along giving me all this extra time after getting off work, and yeah.

Otherwise, I started writing about a dream I had last night before leaving for work but didn't have enough time to finish it, so here it is again now going by the notes I left myself.

Collapse )

My dreams are weird. That about sums it up. It's also 6:20 now, so I should probably get to bed, but not before giving my room a quick once-over to pick up the pieces of toilet paper used for blowing my nose and other such trash. Yay~