September 13th, 2009

A Little Ray of Hope

Closing tonight went much better than my past couple shifts. Partly because I do like working with George most of the time, but also because it seems Mary might finally be starting to realize that I am perfectly capable of doing work on my own, and therefore don't need to be supervised and bossed around as much as she thinks is necessary. Continuing the trend though, tonight I was informed that if a manager asks me to do something (which I assume stemmed from me initially refusing to clean the grill on Thursday) I am either to do it or go home, but I still have my own thoughts about that. I'm there to help, but not to do anything you haven't done. Anyways, that's nothing special, and Sheila, the one who said that to me, will have something different to think about in the morning, because never feeling the right opportunity to tell her face to face earlier tonight, left a note saying that I won't be able to watch her dogs in December, so that's another thing taken care of.

Otherwise, tonight was mostly funny. Somebody called around 10pm, and I swear to god asked if they could come through drive through in a warthog or banshee. Mary, who took the phone call, was amusingly clueless, but seriously? As far as I know, those are only vehicles from Halo, so as I told both George and James, if we could see them drive up in one, they'd get their order for free. Prank callers in all likelihood, but it was fun listening to Mary talking on the phone saying "I'm sorry sir, but I don't know what a banshee is", then trying to tell us about the call afterwards while we were all laughing. Then later on George got the idea to clean the garbage pail on mini, and before that was completely done, I had thrown it over the shed outside at him. Long story short, I filled it with water as a prank, so he emptied it to about halfway then I offered to help him carry it outside, but once we passed through the door he dropped it and a bunch of water spilled out, so I chased him around the shed for a bit then, realizing I wasn't going to catch him, heaved it over the top <3

As for things outside of work, all I can think of right now is that I'm right in the middle of Battle Network 6 right now, so I'm very much looking forward to Monday so I can work on it some more. The only unfortunate part about that is going to Heart and Stroke on Tuesday this week, but I'm considering sending Michele an email before I go to bed Monday night to say I'll be in at 3 instead of 2. Regardless, I have Tuesday off as well, so I'll use my afternoon after that to walk up to The Bargain Shop, and I'm not sure about afterwards. Sticking with general things for a bit longer...

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That's all not to say I'm afraid of dreams like that, because they are sort of creepy, but also interesting how I can force myself to wake up from one of them, but other nights sleep soundly without even realizing that I'm asleep once. As with last night, it's already past 7am now though, so I'm off to bed. Maybe to have even more interesting dreams, but we'll see in a bit. Then tomorrow I just need to vacuum my room before leaving for work. At least I think that's all~...