September 23rd, 2009

Now It Starts to Rain

There's something quite satisfying about coming home from a good hour-long walk dripping sweat from the heat and humidity and 30+ degree weather, then immediately jumping in the shower and washing all of it away. That's exactly what the case was this afternoon, because after Heart and Stroke I went out to Value Village, then Charlie's Variety, then back home, and only stopped downstairs long enough to put some chili from supper in the fridge for later. Although I have eaten it now, and either said chili or something else is apparently making me ill, but I don't feel any worse for it except in specific, infrequent situations. Picked up another pair of pants that actually fit and a second shirt to go with them though, so at least that worked out.

Goings-on at Heart and Stroke were amusing, because for the second week in a row now, I've still yet to even start on this BBQ flyer, instead helping Julie with re-inputting all the routes from last year's P2P, because it wasn't done properly then or something. Data entry like that is honestly rather tedious, put at this point I prefer it because those sorts of tasks allow me to concentrate on my music more, which in turn makes the other work go faster. Or at least that's what it's seemed like so far. I already know for a fact I'll be doing the same thing tomorrow as well, but without any extra running around afterwards, because I have to work my last shift until next Tuesday from 8-close.

There is still one other thing I need (or would at least like) to do before the weekend though. I have, at the end of my bed, a rather large box that I'm using as a hamper for my clothes (yeah, I do have a dresser, but putting clothes in drawers just seems so unnecessary when they could be used for other things). It, unfortunately, is rather full, so I want to go through it and sort out everything that can be given away. On a related annoying note, in the same box is that shirt I bought online a while back and have sent two emails thus far to inquire about returning. I also bought one other thing from the same site, and the item they sent was completely different than the one that was on the page, so I give up, but really, buying clothes online is pretty silly unless you actually know your size(s), which I definitely do not. Everything else related to cleaning is finished though, because I vacuumed earlier and dealt with the garbage, so hopefully my room will remain in it's current state for at least a week.

Other than that, today has been pretty fun overall, if only for having gone out for that walk earlier. It would've been better if even one package had come in the mail for me, so I'm starting to get a bit impatient now, but at this rate the delay just means that more than one thing will be showing up at once, which I'm all for <3 Oh, and I was considering phoning work earlier (around 11) to ask if I get my pay stub even though the dining room was closed, but that would've ended up only being an excuse to go to 7-11. Maybe tomorrow night, or, more likely, before we leave on Saturday (I'd really have to head off bright and early though...), but at the same time I'm also thinking about walking home after we go grocery shopping on Thursday, and stopping by Macs or whatever the convenience store is on the corner of Sandys and McNaughton for snacks. 7-11 is still my preference, because the other two places I've gone to thus far have had this odd, dusty odor inside them, but while I feel like walking around as I have the past few days, I might as well make use of it to go places I wouldn't otherwise.

Those are the next few days though, and as for right now, I might just go to bed, because I'm rambling and am also somewhat tired already. At least after I put something else away that I just remembered~...

Not Going to Happen

Heather gave me some pamphlet / envelope things for a fund raising drive they're organizing, where the items being sold are little glass angels. She wants me to put them up somewhere at work to hopefully have some customers be interested in them, but no. If you want to take them there yourself and ask, go ahead, but as I work there, you won't be, how to say... getting me to do the legwork for you. They're in the recycling bin now as such, and if anybody asks about them next week, I'll make up some sort of story. Also, when I came home yesterday I thought I'd be doing the same thing I was then this afternoon, but no. Kit ended up having work for me, which was going through the exact same file to make sure it matched some other spreadsheets she had. That task is finished now, but it had gotten rather irritating by the end. I've helped with the P2P stuff for several years now, so I recognize a fair few of the names, and know how they're spelled (or at least the spelling of them over the past three years), yet she or somebody else decides not to double check what they type, and misspell things or not take the time to ensure that all abbreviations are consistent, and it gets really messy. Oh, and just now I remember about forgetting to change one of the options in Excel back, but I highly doubt they'll notice.

Aside from that though, one package came today, which was my bracelet, inside a box that was far too large considering the size of the item inside it, so now I have a hell of a lot of packing peanuts that I don't know how I should go about discarding ;_; I'll probably just toss them, box and all in the garbage before I leave for work, but they could have just as easily used a smaller box and padded it with paper, given the contents. Then there was also a delivery notice from Shoppers on my doorknob when I got home from Heart and Stroke, so I have to go there after 1pm tomorrow and pay $25 for something else, which is probably that Christmas present because it was the most expensive out of everything I have coming. So that, along with grocery shopping and heading out to Money Mart at some point to put a little more on my card in case I should need it for the weekend is what tomorrow will bring. Oh, and also "buying" another commission from an auction on Furbid because I really like the style of the reference images. I have a pose in mind for another commission too, but most of the problem with that is waiting until an auction shows up that's both cheap and has good-looking preview images.

Anyways, instead of ending this on going to bed, I'm going to head downstairs to take a quick look for something to eat, because I'm starving right now. Those two things were really all I had to say anyways, aside from several bits of dreams which I'll get to after work, so the only thing left to do is click the post button~