October 19th, 2009

Way to Take Up the Night

It's just about 6:30 right now, and only a couple minutes ago did I finish a task I started into around midnight. Taking my entries from another blog sort of thing I kept on another site several years ago, and posting them here but making sure to adjust the date, times, and formatting accordingly. It feels / felt sort of weird too. Almost like the "old me" was starting to creep back, but that feeling has mostly faded now. And I've also added more weight to a theory I have that says recurring problems for me in the past can be somewhat attributed to having access to the internet at almost any time I want, but there are almost certainly other factors playing a part too, so it isn't fair to single out one thing in particular. Then I also just sent an email to the administrator of that site asking for those entries to be removed, but how they'll respond remains to be seen. I didn't bother to email that seller on eBay back either, figuring that it wasn't worth the fuss and they and I would be the only ones to notice I gave them positive feedback anyways, but it's no longer on my list, so I'm not going to worry about it. Unless they or eBay start getting after me, but that would be a better time than ever to say "Here's exactly what happened".

Besides, if all goes well a CD should be coming in the mail for me this week, and depending on where Nintendo's sending the rewards from, they could show up before Friday as well. I ended up immediately buying another copy of Mom's DVD from a different seller when I got a refund for the other one too, but that won't show up for at least another week.

Mail aside, work should be sort of fun because I'm done at midnight, but better if I had a little money to spend at 7-11. I changed my mind about going there, or to Tim Hortons, or even to both places many times last night, but in the end came down to a feeling of being stuck. My bank balance at this moment is approximately $1,495. I wasn't planning on going below 1,500 before our next pay either, but then also couldn't help thinking a couple dollars for five cent candies wouldn't hurt, then going back on that because it'd just prove how little willpower I had if I did end up going. Then as for Tim Hortons, Money Mart took their $15 monthly fee off my card some time since I last checked, leaving me with a balance of $6.21. I, however, wasn't sure if that was enough, or if my total would be higher than that and I'd have to either walk away embarrassed or ask for some stuff to be taken off my order, and even though I had $6 in change, figured that they wouldn't be able to cash out orders with more than one method of payment. So I didn't go then, but I went earlier tonight and bought some Timbits. Then I came home and made a pot of KD rendering going to Tim Hortons pretty pointless, but the few I didn't eat tonight will be my snack tomorrow before heading to work :3

Anyways, I should probably be getting to bed right now, but for tomorrow, I both changed my desktop around again so will have a new picture of that, and also one other commission aside from the one for those icons I bought on Furbid is done, so I can upload those pictures as well. Other than that, hopefully I get a positive response to that email, and wake up to see one or more pieces of mail addressed to me on the counter downstairs. Usual stuff, really, but it gives me something to look forward to ~<3