October 28th, 2009

Such Awesome Wording

The writer's block question for today reads as follows:

"Do you think your moods are controlled by your brain chemistry or that your brain chemistry dictates your moods? Do you believe people are born with particular emotional temperaments or that they are primarily shaped by environmental factors?"

Towards the first question, you aren't given much of a choice. Mood being controlled by brain chemistry is the exact same thing as brain chemistry controlling mood, except with the two elements reversed. Now, perhaps if you were to ask "Do you think your mood controls your brain chemistry, or your brain chemistry controls your moods?" it'd make more sense, but that is hardly the case here. Then also using the plural, "moods". I sort of think that sounds alright, but at the same time want to say you can't experience or be affected by more than one mood at a time. I can understand saying "I'm happy but sad at the same time" or something along those lines, which is where the hesitancy comes from, but otherwise you couldn't say "I'm angry and overjoyed", unless, of course, you're angry at one thing and overjoyed at another, which is a whole different matter, but even in that case I would figure you could only focus on one of those emotions at a time, even if only for the tiniest fraction of a second, in which case my point still stands, but much more rigidly defined than before.

Just thought that was sort of amusing, and otherwise I have about fifteen minutes before calling it a night. Again. I got home from work around 9, from where I remember completing one more puzzle in Pic Pic, then getting sidetracked reading things online or something. By the time I finished with those it was ~10:30, and I was really tired, so I laid down in bed for a quick rest. Until midnight, when my alarm woke me up so I could go downstairs and wash the dishes (which were really annoying tonight for a couple reasons). I've been awake since then, taking care of a few more puzzles (161-165 will be next), and uploading those new userpics that have been on my desktop for some time now.

This'll be done early tonight though, in favor of getting to bed at an hour that's considered normal for going to Heart and Stroke in the morning. Although on a somewhat related note I really, really hope something comes in the mail for me today, because if these other packages I'm expecting don't arrive after that one that never showed up already, I'm really going to be upset. Even if I have to go to the post office or Shoppers and ask them to hold all packages addressed to me for pick-up, I will do so. I still don't know where the one with that keychain went, and I'm not about to continue buying things online if I'm not going to get them. So yeah. We'll see about that in the morning, but I'm probably overthinking things again. Time will tell, but I'm also not going to get my hopes up, because it's fairly obvious how that would end~