November 8th, 2009

What Amazing Timing

I've been incredibly tired since I woke up today, and the thought just occurred to me to have a shower before work instead of after. Just as I was about to get up though, who do I hear stomping into the bathroom instead? Adam. And he always takes his sweet time and never bothers to clean up the... detritus left along the bottom of the tub. Therefore I'm left to deal without, and in such am hoping that the walk to work and just being there later will be enough. It's actually kind of odd feeling this way, because I got more sleep last night than I did yesterday, but it would seem that's just my luck. Or perhaps it's residual fatigue left over from finally finishing this, having to redo two of those puzzles on top of it as well, because I didn't leave any squares blank (it auto-completes when they're all filled in), and they were already at the point of taking half an hour to do without even copying them to mspaint. Oh well though. That's 295 down, 105 more to go, which I would say are reasonable to see being done by the end of the month :3

So yeah. Work tonight, which I'll have to leave for in about an hour, and I find myself thinking ahead to Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday I have off from work, and Wednesday was when I figured I'd be going to Heart and Stroke this week (assuming Michele has work for me), but it's also Remembrance Day. As much as I want to just flat out assume they'd be closed, there's still this slight suspicion that they might be open, because it doesn't feel like a "real" holiday. Sure, I know we used to do stuff at school for it, and I've been seeing people everywhere wearing poppies for the past week (seems a bit early), and it also incidentally marks my 4-year date at Taco Bell, but that's it. Meh. Tuesday is my only real concern because that's the night I have to wash dishes, and for the rest of the week, I just have to cross my fingers and hope there's a new schedule ready when I go to work tonight.

Anyways, I'm just going to say this is done right here this time and go see if the shower is available yet. Maybe work will give me some interesting things to write about, but even if it doesn't, I should also have that sketch (or those sketches) coming tonight, so they may be waiting for me when I get home. Hopefully~