November 10th, 2009

Strange Causes of Worry

I already mentioned it yesterday, but I sent an email to Michele asking if I should come in this week and whatnot, to which she replied at about 8:30am, which is obscenely early for one (far too often repeated) thing, saying "Let me think about it. I'll get back to you." I... guess. Whatever you say, in fact. Is there some reason you still have to think about it, even after having the better part of two weeks to do so? I mean, it's not that I mind the possibility of having another week off, but to say "Let me think about it" makes it sound, at least to me, like there's something I've done to merit you not wanting me to return. Admittedly an over-imaginative point of view, but saying "I'm still not sure. Let me see what I have to do and I'll get back to you" would take just about as much time, and eliminate any room for wondering. Maybe she'll respond at about the same time this morning, or later this afternoon, but it'll have to be today, because she can't very well email me on Wednesday morning and say "You can come in this week" because I'll still be asleep.

Then on the same general topic, back when I was getting that second pair of ears from Chesh and they finally showed up, I sent her an email, as you would expect, to say "They got here safely, and are exactly what I wanted, so thanks again." Her response? Well, first of all, it was "How do you like them?" which I had answered in the previous message, but I sent her a slightly longer version of the same thing, and got a reply back from her that said something like "I just like to make sure my repeat customers are happy, so I'm glad to hear that". Given past correspondence with her, not something I would have expected her to say before, but if anything I guess that's what I get for having preconceived ideas about how somebody will talk. Not a bad thing by any means. Rather sort of interesting, but the difference doesn't really make any in this case.

As for today though, I have nothing to do aside from the dishes, so hopefully I'll be able to sleep in for as long as I've wanted to the past couple days. That actually wasn't as bad this morning, but I still couldn't drag myself out of bed for the world until about half an hour after I woke up. Even after I suddenly jolted out of sleep at ~11, then sat up, opened my laptop, and went to type something or other into Notepad, I think, before finally realizing it was too early to be awake and going back to sleep. I do continue to blame Pic Pic to a degree, but as with other such games in the past, I haven't yet had any dreams as a result of playing it excessively. Well, there was one to be fair, but it only involved a Magipic puzzle that I was most of the way through, but then realized I had messed up part of, and was somehow lucky enough to find the mistakes without muddling things further.

One last abrupt subject change for now, because there's some cleaning up that absolutely must be taken care of before I go to bed. Josh stopped by while I was at work tonight. I recall him saying "Hey losers" in jest to get our attention, then referring to me as "The freaky kid I've known since grade 3" or something to that effect to his girlfriend. Grade 4, to make one correction, but otherwise it was a... nice way for him to say hi. Not that I'm taking offense or anything, because if I did want to be hurt I could still be brought to tears by some guy on the bridge while walking to work saying "You must be [expletive] retarded". My response to him was "Alright" coupled with shrugging my shoulders <3 Kind of funny that my main worry about any possible confrontation on the bridge is somebody pulling my ears off and tossing them into the river, but on the other hand, if that were to ever happen, I would make every effort to lift them up and over the side. I can't see that ever happening, of course, but it's just fun to think about.

Anyways, I am being abhorrently incoherent and unorganized right now, so I'm just going to work on my cleaning then go to bed. Maybe tomorrow my thoughts won't be so erratic~