November 25th, 2009

Just One of Those Things

At this very moment, there's a train going by outside. First I could hear the bell, then the train, and now, as per usual, my whole bed is shaking gently for some reason. I've never really considered it before, seeing it more as a simple annoyance, but I have to wonder why. Both crossings are several minutes away, and the house is more or less the same distance from each of them, but I can even not be paying attention to the sounds outside, then start to listen more carefully because I can feel my bed shaking, and sure enough, I will hear the sound(s) of a train passing by. Weird more than anything, I guess, but it's stayed that way for almost 23 years now (because I can't remember exactly when we moved here), so I can't see any reason that would change suddenly.

That random thing aside, today has turned out rather strangely in the end. From when I woke up until about 4:30 in the morning, I was in an irritable mood, as mentioned in my previous entry. Well, not entirely irritable, because otherwise I wouldn't have gone out to Giant Tiger, but I knew there was stuff I should be doing, like working on Pic Pic or tidying up my closet, but didn't want to actually do any of that for various reasons. Pic Pic because I'm at the point where I keep trying to convince myself that I should just stop working on it, because there's still no change on GameFAQs, and cleaning up my closet because it involved moving moderately heavy boxes around, and I was too comfortable. Reasoning aside, once 4:30 hit I suddenly had too much to do. There's been a box of Reader's Digests, game manuals, and various notebooks from around when I was in high school either tucked under my bed or kept out of the way elsewhere in my room for the last 5 years or so, and wanting to see just what I'd written in said notebooks piqued my curiosity enough to have a look.

Mostly stuff from back before we had an internet connection (or even when we did, a laptop of my own so as to do away with anybody else wanting to use the computer while I was on it) that can be seen as a sort of journal. One example is me writing about having just come back from going to London for the Western Fair with Josh and his Mom (when going to that city was an extremely rare experience for me) and how I had an awesome time, then others where I'd written about my dreams, along with several warnings interspersed throughout the page warning Naomi to put the book down if she was reading it, because I didn't have a lock on my door back then, and keeping her out of my things was a rather big issue. So anyways, I decided "I should type these up", but while still hunched down over the box got an email from Streetlights with a new sketch of my commission, which left me with two things to do. What's more though, right after I laid back down in bed to start typing, I found myself to be in a better mood, and wanting to both do five more puzzles in Pic Pic, and also take a new screenshot of my desktop. As of right now, one of those things has been finished, and I hope to take care of two more before going to bed, but the typing can wait.

Another thing I sort of want to do is recolor the Firefox theme I'm using right now to be blue, purple, gray, or some other more calming color, but while that seems easy enough at first, thinking about it in detail gets a bit more complicated. Unless there's some way I'm overlooking, that would involve unpacking the whole theme file, recoloring each and every image the same hue, as well as those in the extensions I've modded, then finding some way to change the name so Firefox doesn't complain about it already being installed, and hoping for everything to work. Or I could just look for a different theme, but there are three major problems with doing that. Number one; I've looked at most of them several times over already. Both on and Mozilla's site. Two; I can't see there being a very good chance of anybody still developing Firefox 2 themes these days, and as for number three, finding a theme that's both good looking and supports a vertical tab bar is quite difficult. So I'll just be happy with this one for right now, and as for the rest of those tasks, they're going to have to wait. I'm not about to stay up until 8, and they're all of minor consequence to leave for one day. As for tomorrow, I'll be off to work for another shift with Manoah, followed by having Thursday off, so yay. More shifts right now would actually be nice, but as my Christmas shopping is now done with, once again, I'll make do~