December 14th, 2009

Several Days Too Late

Again, it doesn't seem quite real to think that earlier tonight I was out at Real Canadian Superstore. Sort of a letdown going there, because I stopped by the bank on the way out and found that I have less money than hoped for, then also couldn't find what I was going to buy out there. Last time I went, they had these large boxes of chocolates priced at one dollar, and I was thinking of buying one because they were cheap, but was also worried that the low price might be meant to say that they were of questionable quality. Curiosity got the better of me tonight though, but when I looked, there were no more left. I might have gone to Walmart and looked there on the off chance that they would have them, but my money at present is such that I have enough to go to 7-11 once within the next 4 days (if I should end up wanting to), and that will be it until we get paid. Mostly acceptable with Christmas being quite close and buying the wrapping paper and other last-minute things I needed for it yesterday, but not good in the long run.

Stopped by Taco Bell on the way home as well to get a glass of water and chat with James and Manoah for a bit, then was being quite cautious for the rest of the walk after that, because on the way out I got pulled over (I've started to expect as much now) and asked to walk on the other side of the street, because they were going to have a dog out tracking something in some unspecified amount of time, but other than that it's been a decent night. I've done even more with Reshacker here (although changing Desmume's icon still eludes me), then had a fun time at Pizza Hut, up to and including the power going out for a few seconds during our meal. Now that I think of it, that may have actually been responsible for the ATM not working, because after we'd finished eating, I said I was walking just down the street to check my balance (much to Naomi's protesting I didn't want them to be able to sing Happy Birthday to me), but regardless, that was sort of funny. Not much to say about birthday-related things here, save for the runaround I was sent on to get my present, and another annoyance concerning the same, which I may write about in a friends-only entry if there's still time when I finish this.

Before that though, I saw a post on Reddit earlier asking "What does your computer desktop look like" so as you might expect, I quickly took a screenshot of mine and posted it there, and I will also do the same now, because I have put a fair amount of work into it over the past two nights. It can be seen here, and while writing the description, I started thinking that sooner or later I'm going to have to actually detail everything that's been changed from default. Aside from the wallpaper, that is, because that's one of the common themes I noticed while looking at the pictures on Reddit.

As for the rest of the night, I'd rather not be up until 8 again, so I'll probably just go write about that other thing then go to sleep. I have absolutely no plans for tomorrow, outside of maybe messing with shell32.dll some more to see if I can coerce it into displaying the closed folder icons correctly (if it is what's at fault). Not necessarily a bad thing yet, but I'll wait until tomorrow instead of making any assumptions now~