December 25th, 2009

Almost a Normal Night

Despite what I said earlier, my mood degraded quite rapidly after writing the previous entry. It's not so bad now, but was really disappointing to lose one of the things I usually look forward to about Christmas. I do hope we're able to work out another time to visit with Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark soon enough (preferably next week sometime), mainly so I can give them their gifts, but then the other thing with not going to the church for Carols by Candlelight was also a letdown (although looking back now not that huge of a deal, because if it had been I would've gone there myself), and yeah. Supper ended up being different too, in that Mom went to Little Caesars and bought two of their pre-made pizzas, and I've been sitting up here for the rest of the night, more or less. Watched Home Alone again earlier, which was funny and a nice diversion, then A Christmas Story just finished downloading about ten minutes ago as well, which I'll be watching once I finish this entry.

Moving on, when I went downstairs to get pizza earlier, Naomi announced we'd all be able to open one present tonight, and I objected, because enough of Christmas has been different this year, and I'd like to at least save the gift-opening for Christmas Day. By the time I said anything she had gone back upstairs though, so I ended up telling Mom that I didn't want any presents wrapped in dark green paper (the ones I bought) to be touched, and I asked her again to make sure she would see to that, and was told "Naomi wants to open the iPod thing". Yeah. In the end, I just brought everything back up to my room, where it will stay until I wake up tomorrow afternoon. It's not bad, I guess, but I'd have preferred advance notification so I could have bought them each something to open on Christmas Eve. Oh, and as for going to Walmart on Boxing Day, Naomi doesn't want to unless she gets a gift card, and I haven't heard anything one way or the other from Adam, so it seems I might just end up walking out there on my own again. Not that I couldn't, but I'd prefer a ride on that day, so as to have enough time to go to Giant Tiger and whatnot other places before they close too.

As one final thing to demonstrate how this year is different, it's been tradition for as long as I can remember to have apple cider on Christmas morning, and guess what Mom didn't buy this year? I picked up a 2 litre jug at Real Canadian Superstore last night though (I would've gone for a larger one, but they were too heavy), and it's been sitting in my window since, so I can take it downstairs tomorrow and ask everybody "Are you forgetting anything?"

On a better note, one of the other things I've been thinking about tonight is what I've said in the past about my desire to stay in London for a couple nights again. That's changed significantly now, in that I'm seriously thinking about looking into going there early in the morning (say around 10 or 11am) and coming home on the 9:30 train I've taken so many times before. That would give me more than enough time to walk down to White Oaks Mall, along with any other places I wanted to stop at on the way there or back, and would be much cheaper too. Some ~$200 (at most) for the round trip ticket plus spending money, as opposed to the possible ~$500 or greater if I were to stay at a hotel. Maybe in February or March, because for now I need to focus on repairing the damage buying Christmas presents did, but I definitely like that idea much more :3

Anyways, I'm off to watch that movie, and to wait for my stocking, assuming we're even getting them this year. We'd better be, but that also seems like one of the things Mom or Dad would mention if it had changed, so I'll just stay hopeful for now. Maybe around 4 or 5 when Dad wakes up~