December 27th, 2009

Twice in One Day

Two days to be proper, but regardless of that, I've just finished reinstalling XP again. Fun.

Earlier tonight I found a new visual style that I liked enough to switch to, but one problem with it was that there was a square at the top of the start menu for the account picture, but Windows seems to elect not to show that when the classic logon screen is enabled, which is what I prefer, because it's alot tidier. I figured it might finally be time for a change though, and thus got to looking around online for decent looking logon screens, and found one designed like Windows 7's, which I immediately downloaded. The directions to use it were sort of complex, but I was able to get it working fine enough, until the desire to change the user picture on it struck me. Being as it was a completely different program (not LogonXP), I had to extract the .bmp from the LogonUI .exe first, and assumed it would be a simple matter of editing the image from there, which I did, then re-inserted with Reshacker without further complications. Without, that is, until I pressed CTRL-L, and was greeted by a slew of error messages. Eventually, a failsafe or somesuch kicked in and reverted to the classic welcome screen enabling me to sign in again, and I repeated that entire process (from editing the image on) several times, each to no avail.

Giving up, I ran another included program that was supposed to revert back to the default login screen, which it did, but I couldn't log in. Same as last night, really, because I'd click on my account picture (it reverted to the XP-default welcome screen), hear the login sound, and nothing else would happen. So I booted into safe mode and ran System Restore, which worked until, as you might remember, I tried rebooting again just to make sure uninstalling the program had worked, but it didn't, so I effectively said "Screw it", and dug out my XP disc for the second time today. Right now, everything is back to where it was last time, in that I have only a few minor customizations to make, but once again, I'll get to that tomorrow.

Before anything else though, I plan to go to Giant Tiger again. Went there today as planned, and much to my delight saw that all their Christmas candy was half off. I could, unfortunately, not find a chocolate letter K in amongst the many dozens on that shelf, but I did buy a couple of those small 4-chocolate boxes, and upon checking my receipt afterwards, saw that they were only 64 cents apiece. So I'm most definitely going back there to get more, and maybe to Sobeys if I can put forth the effort because I just realized I completely forgot to look for Bugles at Real Canadian Superstore today. Got most of what I wanted out there though, which can mainly be summed up as much Christmas candy. It was a fun, but somewhat expensive way to spend ~3 hours ^^

As for the rest of the night, I already said what I did with most of it, and aside from that, I slept for a bit. Started getting really tired around 10, so I set my alarm for 11:30 and laid down for a short nap. It's mostly because of that that I'm not really tired right now, but even so, I'm going to lay down in hopes that I can get a longer sleep than last night. Giant Tiger is open until 6pm, so I figure on waking up at 4 and leaving at 5. Seems to leave plenty enough time, but yet again, a little extra never hurt~