December 28th, 2009

Special in a Different Way

I figure that because I start back to work on Tuesday, I'll give myself the chance to stay awake for however long my body has energy for, then sleep in under the same conditions tomorrow afternoon. No alarm clocks. No needing to go anywhere, just (hopefully) peaceful sleep <3 Today was altogether okay, in fairness, but I still woke up before my alarm clock went off, and elected to stay awake because going back to sleep would have given me an extra ten minutes at best. Even despite that, I didn't leave to go to Giant Tiger until 5, but still had plenty of time to get everything I wanted. The best part? I've only eaten one of the little Toblerone bars thus far. Seriously, all sizes counted I must have close to 40 boxes of chocolate on the bottom shelf of my beside table here. That's not including the chips I still have from Real Canadian Superstore, as well as the other few bags of candies I'm forgetting right now (there's still one mostly-full assorted bag left from what I bought after Halloween) <3 Considering that though, I find it surprising that when I pulled my scale out earlier tonight and stepped on it, it only said 175 this time. Oh well ^^;

That was really the most involved thing I did with my day though, because other than that, I did five more puzzles in Pic Pic without getting sidetracked on other things, finished up the remaining customizations I had left to apply, and reworked some stuff on my desktop, such as moving the folder all my Pic Pic stuff is stored in to a different partition, and finding some new icons for the common places. Oh, and I also added a bunch of new RSS feeds, in the event that I get bored of everything else again as just happened recently. I do need to branch out and find more that don't deal exclusively with customers or have themes centered around work, but those will do for now, because I'm not yet sure where to look for more. Then I suppose there could be one more thing, which was attempting to make my own sausage McMuffins, which mostly failed miserably, because the sausages were frozen together and I had a hell of a time separating them, and also the cheese was still cold. Oh, and the sausage rounds were rather small too, but my only other option was going to McDonalds, and I really didn't feel like doing that.

Anyways, I'm suddenly quite tired, so this is going to be a shorter entry tonight in favor of me getting to bed. I just want to reboot one last time to make sure I can still login fine, because I was having problems earlier, and think they might be fixed, but would rather see for myself than assuming. As long as they are though, I'll have a new picture of my desktop to upload tomorrow, as well as another, maybe, if I can find a decent way to show all the stuff I have backed up for when I need to reinstall XP again. I know there's a way to do it with the command prompt, but am not entirely sure of the command quite yet. So that leaves me with a few things to do, and one to be taken care of right now, so until tomorrow, that is all~