January 14th, 2010

Yet Another List-Type Entry

The only thing different this time is that the items are in chronological order, because I don't feel like jumping about and still trying to keep everything coherent. Thus, beginning from yesterday, notable events have been as follows:

a] Pic Pic's maze paint puzzles have been completely finished. Eight before doing the dishes, another solved (but not copied into paint) before starting them, and the final one completed immediately following those. Even better than that, I've already done 40 of the Magipic sort, which is far quicker than I was expecting. I did twenty yesterday, and the same number today, so with any luck level 1 will be finished before the middle of next week, but I'm in no rush, because using the keyboard instead of mouse is a bit unusual. iDeaS is noticeably slower than DeSmuME as well, but I'll get used to that in time too. It's kind of funny that this continues to remain a largely pointless project, because GameFAQs still hasn't accepted my Drawing puzzles guide. Or rather, I don't think they even got it, probably because of the file size, but that's why I'm holding off on doing anything with the rest until after they're all completed.

b] As stated in my previous entry, I was going to get a snack from 7-11 as a reward for finishing the mazes, but instead I went to Sobeys, hoping to find more of the cheap candy they had up at the front last time. Alas, they were all gone, so I settled for two boxes of swiss cheese crackers, and walked through the chip and pop aisle on my way up to the checkout. Wanting to prove to myself again that they didn't have Bugles, I kept an eye on the chips as I walked by, but what would I see on the very top shelf at the end, but several bags of those. Yes indeed. About a week after my desire to find them has been satisfied, I find more than one at a place that previously had none in stock. Bearing that in mind though, I still didn't buy any more, because they weren't what I was there for.

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Aside from those, this has been a mostly normal night. Went out to Tim Hortons for some Timbits earlier, and right now I'm staying up until 8 just in case this page I'm keeping an eye on changes, but that's about it. Back to work tomorrow night for one close with Manoah, then I have Friday off, but have some plans for that already, as indicated in the cut up there. In between now and then I should probably vacuum, because I didn't get around to it tonight (I fell asleep for ~15 minutes at 12, and spent the rest of the time working on Pic Pic followed by writing this entry), but until then, I'm going to go back to Pic Pic again, and hope I don't fall asleep a second time, because if I do I likely won't wake up until the afternoon. Nothing too unusual~