February 16th, 2010

Thoughts About Our Internet

Connection, that is. Just last night Manoah and I somehow got to discussing how I had such an amount of money saved up with no immediate plans for it, but now tonight I think I may soon enough. Earlier this afternoon I found a torrent for and started downloading season 2 of Whose Line is it Anyway (the UK version). Technically I shouldn't be, as I'm less than a gigabyte away from reaching my total allotment for this month, but I figured it wouldn't matter because the whole torrent was only 2.9GB. Then we went out to do stuff I'll get to later, and when I got back, got curious enough again to search Google for ISPs in Canada that offered unlimited bandwidth. As of right now, I've come across Teksavvy's, which is only a couple dollars more than we're apparently paying right now ($39.95 for theirs versus $36.95 for Bell's "Fibe 10"), and there's also another option, being 200GB monthly for $29.95. I think that might be more than we need itself, but for now I'll have to wait until the end of February to see what our total usage is.

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Figuring out how to pay for everything would be somewhat a bother at first, because I could easily put the money on my Mastercard and pay with it, but there's no indication of payment schedule or anything (aside from the initial payment being required immediately), and somewhat unrelated to that, I'm still not completely sure about the connection speed. The figures on the website show it to be a little slower than what we're getting from Bell right now, but I ran a speed test earlier, and came up with the same speeds at Teksavvy's would offer. Ergo, because I'd only be connecting to the wireless internet I shouldn't have a problem, but Adam might notice slower speeds on the computer downstairs. I'd have to run the same speed test there to check.

Oh, and I should also be looking at the money involved in a way that includes Adam and Naomi, but at this point I'd rather try to pay for the initial setup costs myself, then split that total afterwards and ask each of them to give me a third of it. Much less confusion that way, and I know I alone can / would be able to afford it.

I still kind of don't want to switch away from Bell, for not wanting to mess with that works, but I see now that we could have something better. The next step is to see what everybody says tomorrow~

Advanced Logic is Hard

Sure, that's why it's called "advanced", but I've just spent most of the night working on the same puzzle in Pic Pic, and finally managed to solve it about an hour ago. It's of a man playing a saxophone, and I plan on making a little guide of the exact steps required to solve the advanced parts, both for interest and possibly for my reference as I continue the rest of the puzzles. If anything, it's extremely time consuming to inspect each clue on its own and see if there are any numbers surrounding it that could allow you to fill a square, but the same thing happened with the very first few puzzles as well, and now I could breeze through them as if they were nothing. In the same way, I hope the latter 200 will eventually get easier (at least in being able to recognize certain patterns and not spend so much time staring at just one section), but at least I've made a little bit of progress :3

Now, further to what I wrote about earlier, my question has been answered already to say that the modem is necessary, but the router "is only required for the MLPPP service". As I understand it, Teksavvy is using Bell's infrastructure, and as such Bell flat out imposes limits on Teksavvy's service. Limits of speed, according to what I've been reading, but there is a way around it, which is where the MLPPP thing comes in. Frankly, I don't much care about that right now, because all I want is to leave uTorrent open without running up a huge bill every month. A faster connection would have its advantages, but I'd rather just deal with switching services first. That on its own looks like it would be straightforward enough for now, but I still have to wait and see what Adam and Naomi say tomorrow.

Even if things go exactly as I'm hoping though, one of us may not have a very long time to take advantage of the looser restrictions. I ended up asking for a ride out to Real Canadian Superstore earlier today, which was a mistake in retrospect, but there's nothing I can do about it now. Before we left, Dad asked if I was going to go bowling with them later, as it was Family Day today. I told him I was planning to make bread, so probably not, and we discussed that in more detail on the way out way out to Real Canadian Superstore. He feels this year will have been the last time we'll have the chance to do something like going bowling together as a family (I refer you to my most recent friends-only entry, if you can see it), and it was on those grounds that I agreed to go. I did turn down the chance to go to Smittys for supper with them though. Mom was making roast beef, but it burnt, so they went out but I didn't because I had already eaten almost half a bag of chips and felt that was enough for a couple hours.

They didn't mind that, and I enjoyed the hour or so of quiet after having to hear whatever game Adam was playing all afternoon (the vibrations were shaking my floor :s). Bowling was fun too, and I won despite a bad start, after realizing I should keep my eyes on the lane rather than the pins at the end which may sound contradictory, but it worked for me. Walked home after that which was nice, and I might have stopped at Tim Hortons or 7-11 if I didn't still have chips and little chocolate bars at home, but maybe I'll go there tomorrow night. It all depends on whether or not Michele gets back to me today. If she does and wants me to go there for the afternoon, I'll head over to 7-11 afterwards, and if not, I'll go out to Tim Hortons once I finish the dishes most likely. Speaking of them though, I recently decided I have to go there for breakfast sometime soon. Possibly as soon as next week, or maybe only after we get paid and I have at least two days off in a row.

There's an email I need to write before heading to bed though, and this is also getting quite long. I'm also thinking about going to the bank when they're open tomorrow to set up some sort of thing online where I can check my balance and transfer money to my Money Mart card without having to actually go there. As per usual, that depends on when I wake up, but I still have three days off, so there's plenty of time to get to them~