February 28th, 2010

Trying to Stump Myself

Now I see there might be another side to it. Thought of a rather curious question at work last night that Manoah gave a simple answer to, which actually disappointed me because I thought it was a trick question, and / or that the answer would have some unusual bit of logic to it. The question? What color is a mirror when that isn't reflecting anything? He said clear, and I suppose that could be, as I do know that if you look at one from the side you can see that the edge is transparent, but I still can't help thinking the front would be different. Either that or a mirror is simply a piece of glass with a nonreflective backing stuck to it, but I haven't the interest to check Wikipedia and find out for sure.

Also in the "random things on my mind" category, I need zucchini. Going to Sobeys after work tonight would've been the easiest method of getting some, but the sidewalks were far too icy, causing me to walk in tiny steps but at the same speed I go normally, thus my legs hurt quite a bit when I eventually walked up to the house. I could always go there tomorrow, but probably not until Tuesday in reality, because I have the two days after it off this week. As for what I need such an item for, bread. Many, many years ago (let's say fifteen), Mom used to make it, with chocolate chips, and while we didn't enjoy it terribly then (bread with a vegetable in it?), it'll be fun seeing her reaction when she realizes I'm making some <3 Although there is one caveat, being that the recipe calls for it to be baked in the oven, but in all honesty, I'm getting rather tired of dragging by bread maker downstairs once each week for something that doesn't last even 24 hours. Recipes that require a certain quantity of dough? Sure, I'll use it for those, but there's much more available when I don't have to rely on it to to do the rest of the work. Besides, who says making things needs to be limited to bread-like items? I have at least 50 recipes bookmarked here from StumbleUpon, most of which are desserts (cakes, squares, cookies, etc.), and I'd definitely like to start into those soon :3

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I suppose some effort should be made to get to bed at a decent time as well tonight though, because I had a far better sleep yesterday, but then had to wake up early for work, and now that I don't have to be there until 8 for my next shift, maybe I can repeat that without setting my alarm clock. The best part about it is all I changed was taking the pillows out of my other window. Maybe that seems counter-productive, because then more sunlight would come in and interrupt my sleep, but it actually allows cool air to blow through, which is quite nice. Also, I can hear somebody snoring, so I'm off to investigate who it is. Then I also have to fill my water bottles and take garbage down to the basement and put dishes in the kitchen and everything else. It may be 6am, but at least I'm not sitting here bored~