April 26th, 2010

Planning the Entire Week Already

I have a fairly decent sounding schedule worked out, as follows. Today, once I finish with this, I want to visit No Frills to see about getting the same thing I asked the meat manager at Real Canadian Superstore about obtaining. Same thing at Sobeys too, and I intend to stop there on the way back to ask. After that, I have some other things to look for at Giant Tiger, then just might go out to 7-11 later tonight after I've had a chance to relax. It was my intention to go there yesterday night, after first coming home to do the same thing, but I ended up staying here, out of not being in the mood for sweet snacks. Moving on, tomorrow will see me going to Heart and Stroke, as well as doing dishes when I get home. I might consider putting them off for a bit so I can take a slightly longer walk home and complete one of my other goals for the week, but that depends on how things are then. Next after that is Wednesday, when I will be going out to Real Canadian Superstore, as well as Walmart since I'll be out near there again, and a couple other places on the way back home.

Thursday will see me going to London, and I have nothing too definite in mind for what to do there, so there's nothing to elaborate on yet. What I do know is that upon getting home, I will almost certainly use being right next to Subway as an excuse to get a late supper from there, and as for Friday and Saturday, they will probably end up being my only true days off out of this whole lot, unless the staff at any of those grocery stores tell me I need to come back at a later date. Mind you, all of that aside from Thursday is tentative, but having those plans in mind is alot better than sitting around the house for a week like I originally pictured myself doing when I saw the revised schedule.

Then again, that would've been nice to do today. The first time I woke up after falling asleep, it was still only 7 in the morning, but I didn't realize that, and thought instead that it must be closer to 10 or 11. The sky was all dark and cloudy, and I could still hear rain falling as well, so my last thought before falling asleep again was "If it's going to be like this all day, then I will just stay home". We need even a single day like that soon. Preferably one that I don't have to work, which I know I say every summer, but it's just as true this time too <3 I've enjoyed at least hearing the rain falling outside when I go to sleep, but thus far have only been caught in it when it's just starting to fall, which is only nice for a little while.

Anyways, it's time I was heading out now, because it seems like such a far distance from here to No Frills, even though I've taken that route home from work at least four times. Maybe I can be home by 5:30~