May 23rd, 2010

Apathy Wins Yet Again

Altogether I guess I should be proud of myself tonight. Really only for one thing in particular, but that's not to say the rest of the day was bad. I walked out to Michener on the way home, and just before the train tracks had decided that I would go to Subway for supper after all, but at about the same point down Grand Ave instead, started feeling exhausted and as if I couldn't walk another street, along with feelings of my bag being really heavy, but not wanting to switch to carrying it with my other hand. So then I switched from having thoughts of going there, to ones of going to 7-11 instead for an ice cream bar and some more candies, which were ruled out as well. I got stuff from that place yesterday, and the other can wait until I have that sort of expendable money again. In a sense I do, because there's $80 in my wallet that Manoah gave to me earlier tonight, but I've already spent ~$30 of that online, and can't visit the bank to deposit it until Tuesday, since Monday is a holiday. Also begs the question of whether or not Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore will be closed that day, as I wanted some things from both of them, but those can wait. Preferably until the weather gets nicer, as what we had today was positively ridiculous. The fog was awesome once the day ended, but the humidity earlier in the afternoon was overwhelming. Somewhat insidious too, because it always starts out that I leave for work thinking I can make it there without becoming hot and sweaty, which usually ends up being true, but as soon as I set foot inside the place and sit down, it gets worse and worse. Maybe for future days where it's bad like that, I'll take my water outside and sit underneath the tree to rest instead. Sounds like a far preferable idea.

All I'm concerned with now is being home, and having a close to work tomorrow instead of another supper shift. I think it's my last one with George for at least the next week, but despite that, I don't have anything special in mind. If I make it out there, I might get a drink from Tim Hortons on the way home, or go to 7-11 for that ice cream bar. I do have Monday and Tuesday off, so it would be nice to do something special. Now, on a topic related to the previous only in dates, the 26th is very very soon, and what's so special about that? It will mark the one month point of the last time I received a response from any of the people I'm commissioning. That's only the most recent one too. Going back further, there's the 24th for the second artist, and April 24th for the other. As such I've decided instead that if another five months go by without any word, I'll try contacting them one last time, and if no response a week from that date, leave negative feedback and be done. Honestly, what cause(s) could there be for such delays? Exams? Con attendance? Those are the only two that come to mind, and as I said last time I wrote about this, I would expect some notification in that case. It does work though, as now I have a bit of time to think about what I ended my previous entry with. Simply put, after looking over my reference sheet, everything seems so plain and ordinary. Nothing really unique, so of course tentative ideas for changes to make started coming to mind. Changing the spots was one, but really all I have in mind for that is to make them a little more random. Since this paragraph is getting long enough as is though, the one I'm really considering right now is something with the hair. Leave it the same length, but add either complete strips or little wisps of color throughout it. The white on white was nice at first, but after looking at it in context with my commissions thus far, it blends in way too much. I will make some change or addition. That much is certain.

As for other news, I'm looking forward to sleep tonight, in hopes that it's exactly what I got yesterday. Almost nine hours of completely interrupted sleep, and when I woke up it was with extremely confused thoughts about a dream I just had. It started with me on my way back to work, where Josh was waiting for me. Upon my return, he handed me a brownie, but before I had a chance to eat it, the dream switched to me staring at the Files tab of a uTorrent screen, where one of the files had a message saying "Unsupported file (type: BSIS)" in the Pieces column. The filename? "Brownie". Oh yes. I actually woke myself up asking aloud "Downloading a brownie? How would that work?" It seemed perfectly plausible while I was still sleeping, but right around that time I remembered having to wake up early to go to my real work, and I ended up doing just that to check the time, and found that I'd overslept an hour. Apparently I got tired of hearing rain falling while I was still asleep and turned the volume on my laptop down, but by the time I finished eating breakfast I still had 45 minutes left, which proved to be enough. Tomorrow will definitely be better though. All I have to remember is to put some new music on my PSP in case George should ask me to hook it up to the radio again. Might as well go have a look at what that would apply to right now~