May 26th, 2010

No Way Out of This

On the way home from Walmart today, I ran into Josh. We chatted for a little while, which went every bit as I expected it to, such as him saying "they" needed to get me "some action" because of how old I am with no experiences to mention that would meet their approval. Also I'm apparently very sheltered, and need to get both a cell phone and a Facebook account. Yeah. Is it any wonder I don't await his visits more frequently? He is, in a very detached sense, still my friend so I don't mind exchanging pleasantries when we see each other, but such bias-laced advice isn't very fun to endure. He might be around later this morning as well, as he mentioned just before we parted ways, but whether or not he shows up, my door is remaining locked, and will only be opened if I hear somebody knocking outside or wake up needing to use the bathroom. That's just sensible, because I don't think anybody appreciates people walking in on them while they're asleep. As for the title of this entry though, even if he returns to London without making another appearance here, I still have to close with Sheila, who I hope will respect the fact that we're at work and spare me the same sorts of questions he was asking. Yeah, I'm a bit of a control freak, but I don't expect everything to go exactly that way. The above is just my way of preparing for what may happen <3

With that out of the way though, I did make it to Walmart today, which only goes to show that humidity isn't as much of an issue as I was making it out to be. Just keep moving, and get a drink of water where possible, and everything will work out fine. Almost too fine, actually, because Melissa was in the dining room working on something when I stopped there on my way out, and just as I was about to leave again she pointed her pen at the counter and told me to take a large cup full of ice, because I'd eventually be happy to have it. I declined, explaining that I didn't want to carry a cup all the way out there, so her next suggestion was that if I didn't mind waiting for twenty minutes, she'd give me a ride, and I'm still not sure what I've done to be deserving of such a favor. I declined that too though, and set out again, with no further problems. Bought five bags of chips at Real Canadian Superstore (and in such have gone from not having any nibbly things to eat when I get home from work to having too many), and a few more snacks as well as the collector's edition Super Mario Galaxy 2 guide at Walmart, which is a purchase I still can't get over. I bought the guide, but not the game, and won't be getting it until our next pay at earliest, and only if I have enough after my other expenses. What can I say? I was serious about collecting game guides <3

Switching to a different topic now, a rather curious thing happened when I got home. From about 9pm to 6am, I had music running through my head. Only one song I could recognize, but the rest was completely new, as if my brain were making up songs on its own, and I could hear them. The strange thing was as soon as I tried consciously changing the note instead of letting the music play of its own accord, everything got messed up. And it wouldn't stop, sort of like an advanced version of having a song stuck in your head. I've had it before where I get really tired and start babbling to myself about whatever particular topic is occupying my thoughts at that moment, but never with music for as long as it lasted tonight. Hopefully it's completely gone by the time I go to bed, as otherwise it's going to be quite frustrating trying to fall asleep. I think I've done enough today though. Gone out on a fairly long walk in very warm temperatures, washed a large pile of dishes, made more progress in Avernum 6, and reorganized my tables a bit, which was intended to make more room for the fan, but didn't quite work out.

Tomorrow seems less exciting at the moment, but even so I have enough to do then as well, and certain plans for after work to finally get that ice cream bar I've been after. That all depends on Sheila though, but if one thing's for certain it's that we won't be leaving the store in the same condition it was last time she and I closed. If I have to take responsibility and say "This still needs to be done" then so be it, but I don't see anything wrong with stepping up when something's been done incorrectly. In the meantime, I should be off to bed soon in preparation for Josh's possible visit. Almost seems like Christmas Eve in a way, but not right now. Just another (mostly) normal morning~