May 28th, 2010

Today is The Day

It is my hope that upon waking up tomorrow afternoon, I'll have a message from Money Mart waiting for me to say TekSavvy took this month's payment from my card. There's plenty on there, even counting both the ~$6 I spent on some music earlier and the $15 card fee for June if my issue with them isn't sorted out by then, so it should all work. I just don't know yet. In fairness though, there are plenty of things I can't recall at the moment. Whether it is due to the heat or waking up at 1:30 today, I can scarcely even think straight right now. Probably a little bit of both in the end, but ever since 5 I've been exhausted, and can't wait for bed. It'll be rather different tonight too, because I'm trying a different tactic for getting a better sleep with the current weather conditions.

As it was before, laying on my bed was way too uncomfortable. A combination of my back almost always being to the wall and having the top bunk above me made it so that hardly any breeze could blow through, leaving me all hot and sweaty and my laptop feeling like it was going to overheat, which is something else I'll get to after this. So my new idea tonight has been to pull the mattress off the bottom bunk and position it in the center of my room. If nothing else it'll make for an interesting one-night change, but I'm hoping for it to make for a more comfortable sleep. Time will tell soon enough, and as for my laptop, while I had the accessory for my old one, I can't find my cooling pad anymore, and at least at present would rather not leave anything to chance. Playing Avernum 6 seems to be about the only thing that causes it to get really hot, so I'll presume it's because of the video card, but that game has taken up most of my free time the past couple days, and I'm barely out of the beginning area(s) yet so there's undoubtedly still lots to do. So if I decide I'd rather do something different tomorrow afternoon, I might as well leave for work early and go to Staples, but if not, I'll look for one at Walmart when we're out there on Thursday, if not before. I don't quite have the money to spare for one at the moment, but there's a saying about an ounce of prevention that explains why I think I need one well enough.

Still on the topic, I have once again failed to visit 7-11. I don't know what it is keeping me from that place these days, but it is saving me money so it's definitely not all bad. Still, as I work for the next three nights, there's no point to going this weekend, but perhaps on Sunday once we close. I did, however, buy two cakes and two pies at Giant Tiger, all for the low price of 98 cents a piece (really - it's in their flyer), along with a third fan and some other cheap things, so I do have plenty of snacks <3 As for the fan, it isn't much better than the one Dad bought me a couple summers ago (I think it's the same fan, just black instead of white), but I have it now and it's working well enough. I realize that effectively ruins my plans to check for them at Walmart and / or Real Canadian Superstore next week, but I've been thinking about that and finally hit upon something I should've realized long ago. Even if I were to fill this entire room with fans, it wouldn't help. What I need is something to chill the air, and I don't think Dad would take kindly to me buying an air conditioner to put in my window when he won't turn ours on due to how much it costs in the first place. Maybe what I need to do is move my bed back over to the other side of my room and place one or two fans so they blow air out the window, but they'd still have to be fairly powerful to cause any noticeable change in temperature.

The only good thing about the weather of late is there's a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow and normal rain showers next week, and I'll take what little bits of hope I can cling to at this point. Anyways though, I should be calling it a night soon. Work tomorrow doesn't start any earlier than normal, but I hope to sleep for longer than I have the past couple nights. Also, as a final aside, the torrent I've been downloading for four weeks may be done by the time I wake up as well. Two things to hope I get a decent sleep for, so at least one should work out~