June 1st, 2010

Now It's (Un)officially Summer

I wish I could say something special about it being the first of the month and May being over, but alas, nothing comes to mind, and in fact today has been largely boring. In sum I played Avernum 6, had a shower, played more of the same game, went out to Giant Tiger, came home and went right back to exploring and whatnot, then went downstairs and made a snack, and after that, up until right now have been repeatedly telling myself "I'll just explore one more area then that'll be it for tonight". I still have all of tomorrow too, and will probably use most of it as Michele doesn't need me, but earlier around 11:00, I was quite sorry I didn't have to work, because at least there I'd be somewhat cool and making money. Although around the same time I was also giving thought to going out on the back porch instead for the rest of the night, but unless the barbecue plugs into one (and I seriously doubt it), the closest power outlet is too far away to plug my laptop in. Or I could just go out there and sit for a while to cool off, but the same can be far more easily accomplished by going into the bathroom and splashing cold water on my face and wrists.

As noted Michele responded today though, and along with telling me I should ask her again next week, said that there was some miscommunication between her, Tryphena, and Linda. As I understand it, what I said before was true. Tryphena thought Michele still needed a copy of her resume before she could do any volunteer work. An uncertainty that could've been addressed during their interviews, but that's where they stand now. Well, that is to say they'll be helping with Big Bike this week. Notwithstanding Tryphena's work schedule, of course, but I'm sure Michele thought to ask about that too. As for me, I'm not needed this week as everybody's busy with the same event, but Michele may need me to come in next Tuesday to put some stuff for Big Bike into STAR. Not sure what that is, but it doesn't matter. We're into June now and I still haven't been told to take the rest of the summer off. I'm not about to call Michele out on what she said before, but I'd like to get at least a full month off. I suppose there are three left though, so it could happen.

Now, that's only the first of two things I was getting impatient about today. The second was (or is) the people I'm supposed to be commissioning. Again, of course, so I'll skip the same details as before, and instead say that certain events when I went out to get more cakes and pies from Giant Tiger (which they still had, by the way <3) left me coming home rather flustered and extremely "hot under the collar". I won't say what happened now because it's mostly past and I don't feel like bringing it up again, but one of my potential solutions to said problem was to email the people I'm still waiting on and ask, in not so many words "Just checking on how things are coming, and I only ask because it's been a month" (two in the case of that one artist) "since I last heard from you." Obviously I haven't, but did come quite close to sending an email to the previously mentioned two-month-wait artist to say "I'm willing to wait until the end of July, just to provide more than adequate time for you to even get back to me, but if I haven't heard from you by then, I'll leave feedback for you on Furbid to that effect, and this transaction will be completed." Patience may have its limits, but in my case it never runs out because I'm always thinking under this pretense of them sending me a sketch or other working copy of the picture just as I'm clicking the button to send my message off. I don't want to be the bad guy, but all the same can't sit by when they have ~$55 from me with nothing to show for it.

I also like waiting, in hopes that when they do respond they'll say "Sorry about the wait! I have [idea] in mind to make it up to you though." Not all that likely to happen either, but for now I'll wait and see for a while longer. In the more immediate future though, I am off to bed, and tomorrow have some special plans in mind that I'm looking forward to. Just need enough sleep first~