June 4th, 2010

Simple Changes are Best

So I'm back to this again. I've just finished writing an entry in the previous tab, but don't want to post it for how much I was getting caught up on unnecessary details and drawing things out longer than they needed to be. Unfortunately it's after 7 though, so this'll have to be quick as I'd like to not sleep really late tomorrow.

My starting topic was more commission-related stuff. The main bit is that one of the two people I emailed last night responded, to say that computer problems had caused them to lose a bunch of files, my commission amongst them, so they would need my reference to start over again. I can't help questioning that statement though. I can't be the only one who takes those things into consideration, so in the event of such a problem, let me know there will be a wait once you get things working again, and do you truly need the link to my reference picture a second time? Surely even Yahoo allows you to keep read messages, and while I understand some people prefer to read then delete immediately afterward, mine concerns, in a sense, a business transaction, so it would be reasonable to think you'd keep it until everything was complete. Just the way I see things, I suppose. It'll take not even a minute to send them the link a second time either, but those are the things I'd like to ask. As for the other trailing concern, after close to two hours of deliberation tonight and trying to decide what change to make, I've decided that my hair in future commissions will simply have a light brown streak in the middle, from front to back, with two thinner streaks on either side, in slightly darker brown running the same length. Oh, and since I didn't remember it before, the artist mentioned above has promised me a free sketch as compensation for the wait. Free stuff is nice <3

Secondly, I have another new plan to put into action regarding snacks, which will start when we next get paid. Every two weeks, I'll withdraw $20 for whatever junk food I may want to buy, and beyond that, I'll have to face the consequences of seeing withdrawal fees on my account statement. I just noticed one for $14.95 earlier tonight, which leaves me hoping they total the fees monthly and charge that amount, but regardless, I don't like my money to just disappear like that. It's bad enough seeing all these charges described as "7-ELEVEN #29611", but that still works to my advantage, in that I don't want to go there and use my card because then I'll see even more of them. That may not end up lasting for very long, but right now it's the thought that counts, and for these two weeks I have ~$17 left. Maraschino cherries cost me $3 and they're all gone already, but the next thing I want is a couple donuts from Tim Hortons. Not Timbits, or at least not unless the little boxes of ten only cost a dollar. We'll see tomorrow or some other time shortly after that.

Finally, just random bits about today. I passed up the chance to work an 8 hour shift earlier, entirely because George called at 5:30 wanting me to start at 7 when I hadn't even washed my uniform yet. Looking back now I wish I'd gone, but I used having the night off to clean my room up and vacuum the floor without procrastinating about it for quite as long as last time. I still can't shake the desire to move the bed over against the other wall again, but I like things laid out the way they are right now, because I can easily get into the spare room and would rather not move everything out of the way to swing my bed around for just a couple months. As with my plans for snack money, that still may change, but unless the temperatures are going to stay this cool all summer, I'd prefer to stay as close to my window as possible. Especially if it rains <3 I still need some sort of change to liven things up a bit, but there's no rule saying that has to be something done at home. I can already think of a couple ideas.

Anyways, I definitely need to be getting to bed now, before I decide to rewrite this entry a third time, so I will. I just need to respond to this email first. It wouldn't do to leave that until tomorrow after what I said up there~