June 6th, 2010

All Over a Pool

It shouldn't be this hard to decide, but I find myself still wondering if he was serious. Several shifts ago, Manoah was complaining about how his landlord or other governing body at the apartment they live in forced him to take their pool down, as it posed a safety hazard to the families with small children living around them. Seems like a moderately useless rule, as one would assume the pool was enclosed in an area belonging just to him, Tryphena, and his Mom, but it's probably also not the landlord's choice, but rather a rule some entity above them imposes, and they have to make certain is followed. That part isn't terribly relevant though, because what I am thinking of is how last time we worked, I jokingly asked if he was going to go for a swim as well, as he was telling Eryn and I what he had in mind for his days off, but he reminded me of the pool being put away, then said "I should bring it over to your house and leave it in the back yard. Do you think your Dad would mind?" I highly doubt he would, as long as anybody here who wanted to use it was allowed to, but yeah. Provided I remember, I'll take my camera outside and record a quick movie of walking around the yard so he can see how big it is, as I was doing a pretty poor job of describing it at work. It's rather a pity too, because the back yard is quite large but nobody uses it anymore. I'd be more sad about that if we just recently stopped going out there, but the last time I can remember doing that was one night after work where I was told something special could be seen in the sky that night only.

I'll find out in a couple hours anyways, but right at the moment, I don't feel like going anywhere. There's something about today that makes it feel like those weeks at a time I had before where I was always angry about something or depressed about another. Not that there's anything to mention in either of those two categories today, but I'm still a bit incensed at that email I wrote about yesterday. Sure, I may just be reading way too far into it, but forget leaving perfect feedback anymore. That topic was on my mind right before falling asleep, and I came to the conclusion that feedback isn't meant as a way to show the artist what I thought of working with them. It's to allow other potential bidders to get a good idea of what they can expect from that artist, so while I may have still wanted to leave a 10 to be nice yesterday, I don't think I could go anywhere above a 7 with a neutral rank anymore. Unless things pick up and become better quickly, but that probably won't be the case. Oh well. As mentioned yesterday, I, to set aside everything else, have been waiting since February already. Waiting more, even another several months, isn't going to hurt me any.

Otherwise today, I don't know what's causing it but I can't shake this invisible black cloud that's hanging over me. It might be because I went to bed in a somewhat angry mood last night and didn't have a terribly great sleep, but I'm not sure what else to say. If I'm still in this mood later I might do the same as last summer and bring my extra memory sticks and batteries with me so I can record my walk home and see if I can talk out whatever isn't coming to the surface right now. Admittedly, I don't like the feeling of doing that as much anymore because I might pass by other people along the way and they'll wonder what I'm doing, but it'll be ~2 in the morning, and I plan to find a route that takes me indirectly to 7-11, as I do want a Slurpee there tonight and need some extra walking to make up for yesterday. Only bought a couple things at 7-11 (candies, a brownie, and an eclair), but decided to get a sandwich from Tim Hortons as well, and asked for a large, of course, when they didn't have any large-sized buns. Plus two donuts, and eventually a piece of pizza much later at 3, but suffice it to say that was enough for both today and tomorrow. I won't say what route I have in mind right now, because that's the quickest way to ensure I'll go straight home, but I should go charge the battery that's in my camera right now in preparation, then go back to mindless things for another hour and a half. Fun~