June 18th, 2010

My Mind Can't Decide

I feel like I'm having both a good and bad day at the same time here. It's going well in terms of the weather and my room being nice and cool, along with thoughts about working myself up to exhaustion after work tonight because I was literally going around in circles making that cake last night, and had a nice, long, peaceful sleep, presumably because of that. It is, however, also bad because my mind is going around in circles about something else and I still haven't put it down in a way that covers everything at once.

In short, I have another new commission on the go right now. A story instead of art, where the theme is transformation. Not something I'd consider myself to be one for in the typical sense, but the auction details listed it as a story describing the physical and emotional transformation into your fursona. I, of course, explained almost immediately that to my mind I don't have a fursona, but that doesn't change anything. The problems do, however, come in with the setting. I want it to cover the past couple years of my life, because they have by far been the most noteworthy when it comes to who I am today. Unfortunately, the thing about all that is I was extremely opposed to telling the artist (or perhaps author in this case) exactly what events those were, because it's not something I want to tell to anybody else. But then I eventually realized that if I don't, there's really no point to the commission, so for part of last night and most of the afternoon I've been trying to decide what to tell them. As of right now, everything, but only within the past couple years, as already noted, and only the events plus the basic emotions attached. And should anybody read it who I want to keep those things from? Whatever. It's not worth the worry, as they'll all be things that have already happened. In other words, old news, and stuff I've moved on from.

In other news, I spent too much money yesterday. Mind you "too much" is, for this pay, an amount that prevents me from transferring any to my savings, but in any case, ~$10 on three more cases of pop at Real Canadian Superstore (they were $3 a piece out there), $100 withdrawn from the bank on the way home, and $46 spent on a new tail which I hope to have in three, maybe four weeks. Altogether that leaves me with ~$85, but twenty or thirty of that will be put on my Visa next week to pay for the internet this month. I keep forgetting Adam and Naomi still have to give me their money, but if anything that'll go towards snacks so I can avoid spending money from my bank account for as long as possible. Speaking of snacks though, the cake for Fathers' Day is made, and turned out quite messy because the Cool Whip hadn't fully thawed yet, as well as incorrectly made, because I forgot to sprinkle Skor bits on the cake before putting the Cool Whip on. Shouldn't change the taste any, but I guess that's what I get for making it from memory instead of following the directions. Also, since it's related to Fathers' Day, we may be having a friend of Dad's come with us now. I've already changed the reservations to be for 8 people instead though, so this guy had better say yes. Not that it makes a difference to me, because he'd be paying his own way, but had I known he wasn't sure, I would've waited to call Boston Pizza. It can't take that long to look at your plans and see if you're able to come or not though, so kindly hurry up and let us know.

In the meantime, I have just under an hour left tonight before I'm off to work, so I'm off to use that to neaten up my room and hopefully not forget I need to buy deodorant at Shoppers. Anything else can, as per usual, wait until I get home~